About Academic Alliances

The DMTF approves Academic Alliances to promote the use and extension of DMTF technologies within academia.

  • Researchers who use DMTF standards for current research
  • Researchers who are interested in extending DMTF models into new domains, even beyond manageability.
  • Researchers who want to contribute their expertise and experience is modeling theory

Members of universities or research institutes may apply as an academic alliance member to participate in a DMTF working group or forum. The DMTF Academic Alliance has over 200 members. To see a list of members, visit our Members Listing page.

To apply for Academic Alliance membership, please complete the Academic Alliance application form.


Academic Forums and Research

Since 2007, the DMTF hosts workshops and tracks within larger conference to highlight research in manageability. Below is a list of research which has been presented at DMTF workshops or tracks.

DCM 2015 (Datacenter and Cloud Management Workshop in IEEE CNSM 2015)

  • "Realizaing Network Function Virtualization Mgmt and Orchestration with Model Based Open Architecture"
  • "A File-system Abstraction for Virtualized Mgmt"
  • "DMTF's Open Software Defined Data Center"
  • "Scalable Microservice based Architecture for Enabling DMTF Profiles"
  • "The COMPOSE API for the Internet of Things"
  • "On Orchestrating Virtual Network Functions"

SVM 2013 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in IEEE CNSM 2013)

  • "OpenSAF and VMWare from the Perspective of High Availability"
  • "Integrating VM Selection Criteria in Distributed Dynamic VM Consolidation Using Fuzzy Q-Learning"
  • "Integrating an Online Configuration Checker with Existing Mgmt Systems"
  • "An Approach for Knowledge-based IT Mgmt of Air Traffic Control Systems"
  • "Software Defined Networking in the Cloud"
  • "Who Decides Migration? A Migration Lock Mechanism for Virtual Machines"
  • "Adapting Applications to Exploit Virtualization Management Knowledge"
  • "Towards an Improved Data Centre Simulation with DC Sim"

SVM 2012 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in IEEE CNSM 2012)

  • "DC Sim: A Data Centre Simulation Tool for Evaluating Dynamic Resource Allocation Mgmt"
  • "Managing OVF applications under SLA constrains on Contrail Virtual Execution Platform"
  • "An Analysis of First Fit Heuristics for the VM Reallocation Problem"
  • "Autoconfiguration of Enterprise-class Application Deployment in Virtual Infrastructure Using OVF Activation Mechanisms"
  • "Genetic Algorithm for Energy Efficient Virtualized Data Centers"
  • "Using Open Standards for Interoperability – Issues, Solutions and Challenges facing Cloud Computing"

SVM 2011 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in IEEE CNSM 2011)

  • "Distributed Virtual Scenarios over Multi-host Linux Environments"
  • "Infrastructure Management of Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise Users"
  • "Realization of Inventory Databases and Object Relational Mapping for the Common Information Model"
  • "Toward Configurable Performance Monitoring Introduction to Mathematical Support for Metric Representation and Instrumentation of the CIM Metric Model"
  • "Challenges of an Information Model for Federating Virtualized Infrastructures"
  • "Elastic VM for Rapid and Optimum Virtualized Resources Allocation"
  • "Bottom-up harmonisation of management attributes describing hypervisors and virtual machines"
  • "Predicting Web Service Levels During VM Live Migrations"
  • "The Security Management Spectrum in Multi-Provider Inter-Cloud Environments"

SVM 2010 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in IEEE CNSM 2010)

  • "Open source integrated remote systems and network management with OpenRSM"
  • "Managing polling adaptability in a CIM/WBEM infrastructure"
  • "A Model-Based Proxy for Unified IaaS Management"
  • "Towards end-to-end management of network QoS in virtualized infrastructures"
  • "High-performance aspects in virtualized infrastructures"
  • "Managing Dynamic Memory Allocations in a Cloud through Golondrina"
  • "VMM-Level Distributed Transparency Provisioning Using Cloud Infrastructure Technology"
  • "Security Management interoperability challenges for Collaborative Clouds"

SVM 2009 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in Springer 2009)

SVM 2008 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in Springer 2008)

SVM 2007 (System Virtualization and Management Workshop in Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse)