Conformance Programs: Supporting Interoperable Management Solutions

In addition to defining management standards, DMTF also develops conformance test programs to promote management interoperability between products that support DMTF standards.  DMTF conformance programs enable IT vendors to improve interoperability with other products by testing that their products conform to DMTF standards. By deploying interoperable management solutions that support DMTF standards, administrators can simplify management of their IT environments.

DMTF conformance programs are sponsored, developed and administered by DMTF Forums. In DMTF programs, vendors test products in their own labs using the appropriate DMTF conformance test suite, and submit test results to DMTF for validation and certification.  Click here to find out more about interoperability and DMTF Forums.

Available Conformance Programs:

  • DMI Showcase
    The DMI Showcase contains information about products and companies participating in the DMI Self-Certification programs, such as the DMI Product registry. 

Additionally, DMTF is developing a conformance program for the following standard:

  • Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH)
    SMASH 1.0 is a command line protocol that provides a common management interface for managing a heterogeneous server environment.

Stay tuned for additional information on conformance program availability.