DMTF Super Star Award Recipients

Super Star Awards are awarded to outstanding DMTF members who have influenced or made a significantly positive impact on the organization on a consistent basis. Honorees are members who have extensively dedicated their time and efforts to the betterment and growth of DMTF, exceeding the criteria for a Star Award. The Super Star Award is the equivalent of DMTF’s lifetime achievement award.


Jeff Autor


Jeff has been instrumental in fostering the growth and success of the Redfish initiative. In his role as co-chair of the Redfish Forum, he consistently manages daily operations with a level-headed approach, leading necessary advancements and maintaining a steady progression in various projects. This year, a significant portion of his efforts were channeled towards enhancing the Data Center Infrastructure Management model thus impacting sustainability. This initiative has successfully broadened Redfish's capabilities in infrastructure management, integrating pivotal updates in sensor data representation and the inclusion of new modules for power and cooling systems. These advancements, spearheaded by Jeff, underscore a keen foresight in adapting to the evolving demands of the industry.

Jeff’s balanced approach to leadership and development have played a significant role in Redfish's current standing in the industry.

Yuval Itkin


Yuval has consistently been a central figure in the Platform Management Communications Infrastructure (PMCI) Working Group, showcasing his extensive technical knowledge and collaboration skills through significant contributions to various specifications over the years. This year, Yuval’s meticulous work on the Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP) 2.0 Specification played a pivotal role in guiding discussions, crafting requirements, and spearheading the development of key elements such as the new packet and segment header format.

Yuval’s diligence extends to his active participation in the reviews of all PMCI specifications where he offers detailed analysis and precise feedback, a testament to his respected position within the organization. His role as the primary editor of multiple PMCI specifications, including the newly approved MCTP over USB Binding Specification, demonstrates not only his dedication but also his capability to drive substantial advancements in the industry.

Mike Raineri


Mike continues to be a vital asset to the Redfish community, consistently delivering both technical prowess and leadership. As co-chair of the Redfish Forum, he has been at the forefront, guiding notable advancements like the Composability and Tools Task Forces, showcasing a knack for innovation and a dedication to the standard's progression. Additionally, Mike has taken on the role of DMTF Board Chair. This reflects the recognition by his peers that he is not only a leader in evolving industry standards, but also in understanding the requirements needed to lead an organization such as the DMTF. He doesn’t shy away from a challenge, which is evident in his role of overseeing multiple task forces and actively participating in the Forum itself. His hands-on approach to addressing issues and contributing to the coding efforts, including projects like the Tackle Box, speaks volumes about his commitment.

Mike’s consistent efforts and proactive approach are appreciated within the organization, reflecting a practical and substantial impact on the industry.

Patrick Caporale


As both DMTF vice president of marketing and co-chair of the Platform Management Components Intercommunication (PMCI) Working Group, Patrick Caporale (Lenovo) has provided invaluable leadership and contributions to the technical standard development efforts of DMTF.

Patrick leads the DMTF marketing efforts with intention, big picture thinking and a positive attitude. He always takes the necessary time and effort to review, and sometimes question, DMTF's marketing initiatives, messaging and materials. His knowledge and participation in several other areas of the organization has not only helped the marketing team, but the organization as a whole, by providing an additional lens to draw from. Patrick’s attention to detail and analysis is exemplary.

As both co-chair and contributor to PMCI, Patrick has provided technical leadership and meaningful contributions to the Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP), Platform Level Data Model (PLDM), and Network Controller Sideband Interface standards. He led the development of the PLDM for firmware update specification and was instrumental in creating an industry-leading specification in a short timeframe.

His colleagues value him as an insightful leader and strategic thinker and appreciate that he incorporates the ideas of others and works well in a team. His insight, feedback and perspective of where the industry is headed is sought-after. Patrick’s technical due diligence is thorough, and his analysis often prevents lengthy discussions, enabling working groups to optimize its time.

DMTF standards are eminently more relevant and adoptable because of Patrick’s consistent contributions over many years.

Jon Hass


Jon Hass (Dell, Inc.) has been instrumental in setting the direction and vision of DMTF for more than a decade now, and his hard work and dedication has been one of the driving forces behind DMTF’s open source engagement strategy and tools development. Jon’s leadership roles within DMTF have been an integral part of the timely and successful development of several DMTF standards. During his tenure, he has made significant contributions to the development of Redfish, Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH), Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware (DASH), and CIM profile specifications.

Additionally, as one of the pioneering principals of server and platform management initiatives within the organization, Jon has been instrumental in shaping the tools development and Interoperability Task Force within the Redfish Forum. Recently, he led the creation of the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Task Force and Privilege Mapping Task Force within the Redfish Forum. As a chair and contributor to the DCIM Task Force, he not only expanded the scope of Redfish but also drove key technical engagements with alliance partners ASHRAE and The Green Grid. Jon’s past service as chair of the Server and Desktop Management Working Groups and Platform Management Subcommittee were also a valuable contribution to the work of DMTF.


John Leung


As vice president of alliances, John Leung (Intel Corporation) has taken DMTF's partnerships and academic alliances to a whole new level, and has been instrumental in forming key strategic alliances with ASHRAE, ETSI-NFV, Open Compute Project, The Green Grid, and the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Forum. In his role as vice president of alliances, his work has directly resulted in the significant expansion of DMTF's reach and scope. The many external presentations he has given at industry events over the past year also provided tremendous value to increase the visibility of DMTF standards in the industry.

John’s contributions as a chair of both the Composability Task Force and Network Infrastructure Task Force of the Redfish Forum were critical to expanding Redfish's applicability to data center management use cases for network switches and composable systems. As a co-chair of the CIM Profiles for Platforms and Services Working Group, he has played a critical role in maintaining CIM schema and profiles refinements for Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware (DASH), Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH) and Network Management Initiative (NETMAN™).

Hemal Shah


For over a decade, Hemal Shah (Broadcom Limited) has been one of the driving forces within DMTF. Through his dedication to the organization, he has touched and shaped multiple standards and profiles including his early involvement in the Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH) and the Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware (DASH). Hemal also participated in DMTF’s security efforts and helped define profiles early on, and before most were considering the importance of such initiatives. Additionally, he helped revamp the Network Working Group to develop networking-related profiles to apply the Common Information Model (CIM) paradigm to switches. Hemal has been integral in setting the direction of the Platform Management Components Intercommunication (PMCI) Working Group, bringing about internal infrastructure manageability to the industry. He is active in the System Management Forum and joined the efforts of the Redfish Forum when it was initially formed. He currently chairs or has chaired multiple bodies within the organization -- including SMASH and DASH, CIM, PMCI and Security and Networking.

Hemal has served as the Vice President of Technology since 2012 and DMTF’s Senior Vice President since 2014 while serving as the Board representative for Broadcom Limited for several years. Hemal’s consistent and significant contributions in leadership and development have made him a driving force within the organization. Without his vision and leadership, DMTF would not have the repertoire of standards nor the respect in the industry that it has today.


Bob Freund


During his tenure with DMTF, Bob Freund (Hitachi) served as Vice President of Marketing, and Vice President of Interoperability as well as support for the Process Committee, eventually chairing the group. He was instrumental in identifying ways to streamline and optimize procedures within the organization. With the information and feedback he provided as the main contributing editor, process document DSP4014 was created. His efforts resulted in a leaner and more focused DMTF.

Carol Emory


Carol Emory provided critical support and guidance over the many years of DMTF's existence. She was key in drafting our initial bylaws and all the current revisions as well as extensive leadership in drafting our patent policy. Her input and thoughtful counsel over the years was invaluable beyond measure. She also provided outstanding support for our various international issues including the establishment of the China Chapter . Carol graciously hosted a number of DMTF board meetings in Oregon at the Arlington Club. Her wise guidance was a major contributor to DMTF's success for nearly 20 years.

Mike Baskey


Mike Baskey is an IBM Distinguished Engineer in the Systems and Technology Group. He's also a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and has been with IBM for over 30 years. A graduate of SUNY Buffalo, Mike started in IBM's Airlines Control Program and has focused on networking and servers throughout his career. Prior to becoming Chair of DMTF, Mike served as VP of Membership and Treasurer, and was active in DMTF Networking and Telecommunications working groups, as well as DMTF Process Committee. Mike is involved in numerous standards-related activities within IBM, and in the industry with several of DMTF's alliance partners.

Larry Lamers


Larry Lamers has consistently demonstrated a multi-year commitment to DMTF, desires and corresponding actions to further DMTF standards and specs, and provides involvement that exceeds any 'normal' involvement given that we are a volunteer organization. As we all know our companies provide our salary but often most involvement in DMTF occurs outside of work hours, Larry’s efforts mostly fall into this category. Larry is also a technologist and has contributed to the functional aspects of several standards / specs including OVF, Virtual Networking etc. Larry is a motivator and often provides that ‘push’ to other contributors to ensure success of work in progress. Larry brings a process background in standards that is helping DMTF set the foundation for its growth into the international arena of standards.

Larry demonstrated strong leadership and outstanding commitment to DMTF by taking chair, co-chair, and vice-chair roles in several working groups (SVPC, WS-Management, CMDBf) and sub-committees (Platform Management Sub-Committee, Schema Sub-Committee, and Infrastructure Sub-Committee). Larry’s insistence on following the process for standards development has helped DMTF significantly. Larry served as a mentor to several work group chairs to help them run working groups smoothly and foster leadership capabilities in them. Larry has helped DMTF tremendously in its efforts to take DMTF standards to the international level. In DMTF, Larry has gone above and beyond his roles as a chair, contributor, and mentor to ensure the success of DMTF standards and individuals who are involved in the development of DMTF standards. Larry also made important technical contributions to numerous DMTF standard efforts including OVF 2.0, virtualization management 2.0 architecture concepts, activation engine, CIM Schema, and CIM V3.0 meta model.

George Ericson


George Ericson is a significant contributor to DMTF who is also very well respected for his analysis and attention to detail. He has contributed to DMTF consistently year after year, including leadership in the Architecture WG, contributions to operations and to profile definitions. He also continues to extend DMTF model in new ways, such as with the Launch In Context. George is a key participant in many of the WGs, and is often sought as a subject matter expert from groups developing both new standards and modifications to existing ones.

While George has been a fixture in DMTF for quite a while, his continued participation and guidance continues to not only preserve the technical expertise in DMTF but to improve upon what he helped to craft. He continues to drive architectural changes, machine readable profile definition, guide CIM 3.0 and review and create ground breaking profiles such as the Launch In Context profile.

Andy Maier


Andy's analytical skills and inexhaustible work ethic have raised the bar in contributions yet again to DMTF. Active in many of the web services areas, Andy has been a key contributor to DMTF infrastructure area by authoring, contributing and driving areas like profile definition, machine readable profile, registry definition and schema definitions. He helped significantly to get our namespace definitions straightened out and xml documentation methodologies brought up to a professional level.

Andreas participates tirelessly in Architecture, Interop, Profile Infrastructure, WS-Man and consults with others on key issues in Server Virtualization and platform management. Andy has been a key contributor to many XML and XSD files for messages. He is a principal architect of the Machine Readable Profile schema, a principal contributor to the new version of the Profile User's Guide that is a vast improvement over the previous version. He has been a key contributor to the 2.5 and the about to be released 2.6 versions of DMTF Infrastructure Specification. Andy always brings thorough and well-thought-out ideas to the table. As a result, he is often strongly vested in them. Regardless, Andy is able to change and adapt as new ideas are put on the table. And always with grace. In short, a pleasure to work with. Andy pushes the envelope, but at the same time has an excellent sense of what is possible for the organization as a whole to accept. Our opinion is we want to be working with him on a team, because we are able to give and take in a very productive way.

Jeff Hilland


Jeff Hilland has worked to re-organize the Technical Committee and improve its effectiveness. He has done an enormous amount of administrative work to keep things moving forward while at the same time providing leadership to organization. Jeff has taken 13 profiles through to Final Standard this year so far, with 2 more on the way (including required Schema changes)

Kes Wold


Kes provided the primary organizational guidance and execution for DMTF, including acting as corporate Secretary, Webmaster, and much else. Kes was a significant contributor to the organizational evolution of DMTF from a loosely organized group to a large productive organization with well automated and well controlled processes, and a significant Web presence in the computer industry. Appointed Executive Director in 2010, Kes has been an officer of the organization for over 13 years.

Winston Bumpus


Winston has been a guiding force in the Systems Management industry since DMTF’s inception and is one of DMTF’s founders. He has contributed to and provided leadership for DMI, DMTF’s initial foray into the standards arena. He guided DMTF from desktop into enterprise management with his efforts around CIM and WBEM where he not only contributed to the standard, but he also co-authored the first book ever written about DMTF’s Common Information Model. He then contributed to DMTF standards portfolio by ensuring that both SMASH and then DASH landed in DMTF. He was a major contributor in getting DMTF both an INCITS Executive Board seat and a relationship with ISO SC38. Lately, with his cloud contributions forming the Cloud Incubator, he has provided a place in DMTF for Cloud standards. These are only a few of the vast number of contributions from Winston, without whom DMTF would not have its current relevance and prestige in the market.

In anticipation of his upcoming retirement and passion for nautical adventure, in 2016 Winston was bestowed the title of "Lifetime Chair of the 'SAIL' WG" by DMTF Board of Directors.

Jim Turner


Jim was one of the original five companies promoting the WBEM technologies that were eventually submitted to DMTF. These standards became the keystone in DMTF management standards for over the last 15 years. He served on the board of directors representing Cisco and was VP of marketing for a year and then served as the Chairman of the board for over 5 years. In addition to his leadership with the work around WBEM he also hosted several memorable board meetings at his summer home in Martha's Vineyard. His leadership through some difficult years and new technologies earned him his title and DMTF Super Star.

Jim Willits


Jim served on DMTF Board of directors as HP's representative for many years and served as DMTF's Treasurer for over 8 years, from April 1998 until May 2006 when he retired. Jim was closely involved in the technical work as well as driving and shaping DMTF's financial process. He helped institute our annual audit process and annual budgeting process. He also was instrumental to the organizations financial stability during some very uncertain economic times which clearly earned him his Super Star Award. Jim also hosted the DMTF Board meeting for several years during at Winter Park, Colorado is where the very first Alliance Partner Summit was held (The Summit at the Summit)