Works in Progress

The DMTF makes available certain specifications for a limited period of time as a Work in Progress (further defined in DSP4014 - DMTF Process for Working Bodies). Specifications that have been approved by the Technical Committee will be displayed here, and removed if the document has been superseded by another WIP version or the target version of the specification is published as DMTF Standard or DMTF Informational.

Some documents on this page are in .pdf format. You can download the free Acrobat Reader if you have trouble viewing them.

DMTF welcomes feedback on our standards, but requires that individuals submitting comments first agree to our Feedback Policy.

Please note, the column headings below are sortable!  For example, if you would like the table display ordered by date select the "date" column heading for the latest WIP releases.   

DMTF Works in Progress

DSP # Version Title Date Comments
DSP0242 0.8.0WIP80 Platform Level Data Model (PLDM) for File Transfer Specification 9 Feb 2024 Work-in-Progress
DSP0291 0.6.0WIP50 PCIe Management Interface (PCIe-MI) over MCTP Binding Specification 8 Feb 2024 Work-in-Progress
DSP0287 1.0.0WIP99 Security Protocol Data Model (SPDM) over TCP Binding Specification 26 Jan 2024 Work-in-Progress
DSP0134 3.8.0WIP50 System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) Reference Specification 23 Jan 2024 Work-in-Progress
DSP2067 0.6.0WIP60 PLDM CXL Memory Modeling White Paper 20 Nov 2023 Work-in-Progress
DSP-IS0005 1.0.0WIP95 Redfish DCIM Bundle 28 Feb 2023 Work-in-Progress
DSP-IS0023 1.0.0WIP50 SPDM Conformance Test Suite Guidance 11 Jul 2022 Work-in-Progress
DSP-IS0004 0.9c Redfish Ethernet Switch Proposal Bundle (YANG) 26 Oct 2020 Work-in-Progress
DSP0271 0.5.6 YANG to Redfish Mapping Specification 13 Oct 2016 Work-In-Progress