DASH Conformance Program

The DASH Conformance Program (DASH CP) is designed to validate DASH conforming implementations to a particular version of the DASH Implementation Requirements Specification (DSP0232) and is managed and sponsored by the CIM Forum.

Companies self-test their implementation using the applicable DASH Conformance Test Suite (DASH CTS) and submit their digitally signed results to the DASH Conformance Program Administrator (an independent third party) for validation. The results are then validated for conformance.  Once validated, participants can then have their submission information included in the DMTF Certification Registry.

Desktop and mobile Architecture for Systems Hardware (DASH)

DASH is a suite of specifications that take advantage of DMTF's Web Services for Management (WS-Management) specification - delivering a web services-based standard for desktop and mobile management. DASH provides the next generation of standards for secure, in-band, out-of-band and remote management of desktop and mobile systems. The DASH Initiative strives to promote the DASH standard in the industry and enable vendors to implement compliant, interoperable DASH solutions.

The DMTF Certification Registry is where you can find and search for DASH validated implementations. The information contained in the Certification Registry includes information such as Product Name, Model, Company Name, Date of Test, Profiles Tested and more.

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If you would like more information on the DASH Conformance Program or if your company is interested in testing your implementations for DASH conformance, please contact the DASH Conformance Program Administrator via email.