International Translated DMTF Specifications

The normative language of DMTF specifications is English. Translation into other languages is permitted. Below is a list of specifications that have been translated. To have your translated DMTF specification included, please complete our submission form.


Japanese Translated Documents

Japanese TitleEnglish Title
DMTF用語集DMTF Glossary
OVFの概要文書OVF Overview Document
VMAN/クラウドの相互運用性の概要VMAN & Cloud Interoperability Overview Document
「Japan IT Week 2019プレゼン資料 :DMTF概要とRedfishのご紹介」Japan IT Week 2019 presentation: Introduction to DMTF and Redfish
CIMI概要文書CIMI Overview Document
DSP-IS0101 1.0.0 相互運用クラウドDSP-IS0101 1.0.0 Interoperable Clouds
DSP-IS0102 1.0.0 クラウド管理のアーキテクチャDSP-IS0102 1.0.0 Architecture for Managing Clouds
DSP-IS0103 1.0.0 クラウド管理のユースケースおよび相互作用DSP-IS0103 1.0.0 Use Cases and Interactions for Managing Clouds
DSP2027 1.0.1 クラウド・インフラストラクチャ管理インターフェース(CIMI)入門書DSP2027 1.0.1 Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) Primer
DSP2025 1.0.0 仮想ネットワークの管理に関するホワイトペーパーDSP2025 1.0.0 Virtual Networking Management White Paper
CADF OpenStack モデルDSP2038 1.0.0 Cloud Audit Data Federation - OpenStack Profile (CADF-OpenStack)
RedfishホワイトペーパーDSP2044 0.93.0a Redfish White Paper
CIMI ユースケースDSP2042 1.0.0 Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) Use Cases
OVF ホワイトペーパーDSP2017 2.0.0 Open Virtualization Format White Paper
SDDC の定義DSP-IS0501_1.0.0 Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) Definition
Redfishコンポーザビリティ・ホワイト ペーパーDSP2050 1.1.0 Redfish Composability White Paper


Chinese Translated Documents

Chinese TitleEnglish Title
CIM综述文档CIM Overview Document
CIMI综述文档Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) Overview Document
云基础架构管理接口 - 公共信息模型 (CIMI-CIM)CIMI-CIM Specification (DSP0264_1.0.0)
云基础设施管理接口( CIMI) 模型与基于 RESTful HTTP 协议CIMI Model and REST Interface over HTTP Specification (DSP0263_1.0.1)
云基础设施管理接口 (CIMI) 入门CIMI_Primer (DSP2027_1.0.1)
软件定义数据中心白皮书1.0.0Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) Definition White Paper (DSP-IS0501)
Redfish白皮书 1.0.0Redfish White Paper (DSP2044)
Redfish可扩展平台管理API规范 1.0.1Redfish Scalable Platforms Management API Specification (DSP0266)
云审计数据联合工作组——OpenStack概要Cloud Audit Data Federation - OpenStack Profile (CADF-OpenStack) (DSP2038)
云计算审计数据联盟 数据格式和接口定义规范Cloud Audit Data Federation (CADF) - Data Format and Interface Definitions Specification (DSP0262)
Redfish可扩展平台管理API规范 1.3.0DSP0266 Redfish Scalable Platforms Management API Specification 1.3.0
开放虚拟化格式白皮书DSP2017 Open Virtualization Format White Paper 2.0.0
Redfish可组合性白皮书DSP2050 Composability White Paper 1.0.0
Redfish技术报告--致力于融合、混合IT的简单和安全管理Redfish Tech Note – Simple Secure Management for Converged Hybrid IT
Redfish可组合性白皮书DSP2050 Composability White Paper 1.2.0
端到端互操作管理:现代IT的标准要求End-to-End Interoperable Management-The Standards Requirement for Modern IT
平台管理组件互通架构白皮书Platform Management Component Intercommunication (PMCI) Architecture White Paper
Redfish 白皮书Redfish White Paper