Patent Disclosures

This page includes information regarding patents that companies or other third parties have disclosed to DMTF with claims or assertions that such patents may possibly be impacted by implementation of one or more DMTF standards. These patent disclosures have been submitted pursuant to DMTF's patent policy.

DMTF will publish and maintain patent disclosures it receives on this page, and alert membership via e-mail whenever new disclosures are posted.

DMTF takes no position regarding the validity or scope of any third party patent rights that might be claimed or asserted in association with any implementations of its standards, or the extent to which any license under such rights may or may not be available.

To submit a patent disclosure to DMTF or if you have questions or comments about DMTF's patent policy, please forward them to DMTF Administration.

Patent NumberPatent HolderNotes
US Patent No. 6,175,878Microsoft CorporationSee also
British Patent No. GB 0631232
German Patent No. 69425699
French Patent No. 0631232

US Patent No. 6,253,195Microsoft Corporation

US Patent No. 6,275,957Microsoft Corporation

US Patent No. 6,314,533Microsoft Corporation

US Patent No. 6,367,034Microsoft Corporation