ANSI/ISO Adoptions and Alliance Activities

DMTF has submitted several of its standards to ANSI and ISO for accreditation. Each submission represents a management domain and may consist of one or more standard publications released by DMTF. The following table shows DMTF standard submissions, status, and ANSI/ISO identifier.

DMTF ANSI/ISO Submissions

DMTF CollectionVersionProgressANSI/INICITS DesignationISO/IEC Designation
Redfish API Specification1.2Complete through ISO/IEC ISO/IEC 30115-1:2022
Redfish Schema Supplement2021.1Complete through ISO/IEC ISO/IEC 30115-2:2022
Architecture for Managed Computer Systems1.0Complete through ANSIINCITS 530-2013 
CIM Representations for Management1.0Complete through ANSIINCITS 498-2012 
Systems Management Discovery for Computing Systems1.0Complete through ANSIINCITS 531-2013 
WS-Man1.1Complete through ISO/IEC ISO/IEC 17963-2012
SM-CLP1.0Complete through ANSI and ISO/IECANSI: 438-2008ISO/IEC: 13187:2011
IT-Common Building Blocks for Distributed Management1.0Complete through ANSIINCITS 528-2013 
Management of Security Credentials1.0Complete through ANSIINCITS 539-2016 
Open Virtualization Format

Open Virtualization Format

Complete through ANSI and ISO/IEC
Complete through ANSI 

INCITS 469-2010

INCITS 469-2015

ISO/IEC 17203:2011
Virtualization Management1.0Complete through ANSI and ISO/IECINCITS 483-2012ISO/IEC 19099:2014
Platform Management (Volumes 1 & 2)1.0Complete through ANSIINCITS 495-2012 
CIMI Specification1.0Complete through ISO/IEC ISO/IEC 19831:2015


DMTF participates in the following ISO/IEC groups:


DMTF participates in the following ITU-T groups:

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