Membership Dues

For the first time in over 10 years, DMTF restructured membership levels and discontinued the Monitoring level for FY2019.

Companies interested in joining DMTF can select from two levels of membership: Leadership and Participation. In addition to paid company memberships, DMTF has two levels designated for non-profit organizations (by invitation of the DMTF Board): Alliance Partner membership and Academic Alliance membership. Government and end user organizations may join DMTF at reduced rates.

Learn more about the values of membership in DMTF, and see below for an explanation of the pricing and entitlements for each DMTF membership level:

  Leadership Participation
Annual Membership Dues $14,000
($32,000 if elected to the Board)
Eligible for Board of Directors Yes No
Vote on Bylaws Changes Yes No
Vote in Board Elections Yes No
Participate in Committees Yes No
Provide Supporting Quotes for external communications Yes No
Chair Committees and Working groups Yes No
Vote in Committees Yes No
Participate and Vote in Working Groups Yes Yes
Participate in Chapters, Forums or Incubators Yes Yes
Access to DMTF Tools Yes Yes
Member Discounts to selected industry events Yes Yes
Public Listing of Company Name on Website Yes Yes

DMTF Leadership Member - $14,000 Annually

Leadership members have full voting privileges and have the opportunity to lead the definition and development of management through participating in or chairing DMTF committees, task forces, or working groups. Leadership members have all the entitlements of Participation members, plus the following additional benefits:

  • Ability to chair a DMTF committee, task force, or working group.
  • Voting participation on DMTF committees.
  • Ability to establish new working group charters.
  • Ability to join an incubator as a Leadership Member. 

Use the New Company Sign-Up form to join DMTF as a Leadership member.

DMTF Participation Member - $8,000 Annually

In addition to receiving early access to DMTF specifications, standards and tools, participation members have the opportunity to contribute to as many DMTF working groups as they choose. Participation members qualify for:

  • Voting participation in any number of DMTF working groups.
  • Ability to join DMTF Forums (additional fee may apply).
  • Ability to join an incubator as a Reviewing member.
  • Early access to DMTF-developed tools and information available on DMTF members-only Web site.
  • Involvement in DMTF tradeshow events and Web postings.
  • Listed as a member on the DMTF Web site.

Use the New Company Sign-Up form to join DMTF as a Participation member.

Alliance Partner Participation - No Charge

DMTF values working with affiliated industry organizations and formalizes collaborative relationships with other standards groups through the DMTF Alliance Partners program.

A designated Alliance Partner representative may apply to participate in specific Working Groups or Forums in their application. The Board establishes specific participation at the time of approval. The designated Alliance Partner representatives may then participate in DMTF working groups, but without voting privileges.

For more information on how to become an Alliance Partner member, please contact DMTF Administration.

DMTF Academic Alliance Participation - No Charge

DMTF encourages input from the academic world and is open to providing information to faculty and students who are studying and researching management standards. Academic Alliance participation is free for individuals associated with accredited institutions of higher learning. Academic Alliance participants have access to DMTF members-only Web pages and member email lists. In addition, Academic Alliance participants are eligible to participate in a single DMTF working group as non-voting members.

To apply for Academic Alliance participation, please complete our Academic Alliance participation Application. For questions regarding Academic Alliance participation, please contact DMTF Administration.

Government and End User Members - 50% discount

DMTF encourages the participation of qualified government and end user organizations by offering them a discounted rate of 50% off dues for our Leadership and Participation levels. The reduced rates are $7,000 for Leadership level and $4,000 for Participation level.

For more information on how to become a government or end user member, please contact DMTF Administration.

To join DMTF as a new company member, see How to Join for a guide to the simple sign-up process - before, during and after.