Standards and Technology


Supporting implementations that enable the management of diverse traditional and emerging technologies – including cloud, virtualization, network and infrastructure – DMTF works to simplify the manageability of network-accessible technologies through open and collaborative efforts by leading technology companies.


DMTF Technology Diagram

DMTF standards enable effective management of IT environments through well-defined interfaces that collectively deliver complete management capabilities.


DMTF Working Groups

DMTF standards and technologies, listed to the right, are developed by DMTF's Working Groups. Overseen by DMTF's Technical Committee, Working Groups – comprised of DMTF members – help create the standards, specifications, and other DMTF documents in support of managing enterprise and Internet environments.

DMTF members are encouraged to contribute to DMTF Working Groups via our private, members-only workspaces. Non-members, learn more and join DMTF to participate


DMTF Forums

DMTF Forums focus on issues in specific areas, including conformance programs. Visit DMTF’s Join Us page to view a current list of Forums, and to find out how to participate.


DMTF Education

DMTF offers a full library of educational resources on the organization and its activities, including its standards and technology. Visit our Education section for more.