DMTF Adopters List

DMTF is a member-managed voluntary consensus standards body that creates open manageability standards spanning a wide spectrum of emerging to traditional IT infrastructures, including cloud, virtualization, network, servers and storage. Member companies and alliance partners worldwide collaborate on standards to improve the interoperable management of information technologies. Nationally and internationally recognized by ANSI and ISO, DMTF standards enable a more integrated and cost-effective approach to management through interoperable solutions.

This is a self-certified list. Representations of any kind, including the nature and scope of any adoption of DMTF standards are those of the adopting company or organization, and not DMTF. Neither DMTF, its directors, officers, contractors, and agents (the “DMTF Parties”) warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, reliability, suitability or usefulness of any of the information provided by third parties to DMTF. In addition, the DMTF Parties disclaim any and all representations, warranties, or endorsements regarding a company or organization’s adoption of DMTF standards, whether expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, course of dealing, usage of trade, and non-infringement of third party rights.

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The following companies claim adoption of DMTF standards:

Company Standards
Cisco MCTP, NC-SI, Redfish, SMBIOS, SPDM
Dell Technologies CIM, DASH, MCTP, NC-SI, PLDM, PLDM - FW Update, Redfish, SMASH, SMBIOS, SPDM
Hewlett Packard Enterprise CIM, MCTP, NC-SI, PLDM, PLDM - FW Update, PLDM - RDE, Redfish, SMASH, SMBIOS, SPDM
Intel Corporation MCTP, NC-SI, PLDM, PLDM - FW Update, PLDM - RDE, Redfish, SMBIOS
Positivo Tecnologia S.A. CIM, DASH, PLDM, SMBIOS, SPDM
Company Standards
Advanced Micro Devices CIM, DASH, MCTP, PLDM, SMBIOS
Google LLC Redfish, SMBIOS, SPDM
Supermicro MCTP, NC-SI, PLDM - FW Update, Redfish, SMASH, SMBIOS, SPDM
Company Standards
American Megatrends, Inc. CIM, DASH, MCTP, NC-SI, PLDM, Redfish, SMASH, SMBIOS, SPDM