DMTF Officer Hall of Fame

As of July 2022

  Served as DMTF Officer for 16+ Years  
Kes Wold 19 Years and 3 Months *Executive Director and *Secretary
Winston Bumpus, President Emeritus 16 Years and 4 Months President and Chairman
Jeff Hilland 16 Years and 3 Months *President and VP of Technology
  Served as DMTF Officer for 8+ Years  
Hemal Shah 10 Years *VP of Technology, *Senior VP
Wayne Adams 9 Years and 4 Months VP of Marketing, VP of Membership, and Senior VP
Mike Baskey, Chairman Emeritus 8 Years and 6 Months Chairman and VP of Membership
Jim Willits 8 Years and 2 Months Treasurer
John Leung 8 Years Vice-Chair of the Board and *VP of Alliances
  Served as DMTF Officer for 4+ Years  
Jon Hass 7 Years and 11 Months Chair of the Board
Selva Subbiah 7 Years and 7 months VP of Finance/Treasurer
Mark Carlson 7 Years and 4 Months VP of Alliances
Shannon Marsoun 7 Years *Assistant Corporate Secretary
Jim Turner, Chairman Emeritus 6 years and 5 Months Chairman
Josh Cohen 6 Years and 1 Month Vice Chair and VP of Process and Incubation
Valerie Kane 5 Years and 6 Months VP of Marketing
Patrick Caporale 5 Years *VP of Marketing
Mark Nicolas 5 Years VP of Membership and Assistant Treasurer
Jishnu Mukerji 4 Years and 1 Month Treasurer and Senior VP
Tom Butler 4 Years VP of Interoperability and VP of Membership
Colleen Evans 4 Years VP of Process and Vice-Chair
Shishir Pardikar 4 Years Senior VP of Finance and VP of Membership


An asterisk (*) next to a title means it is a position they are currently holding.