DMTF Operating Policies

This page includes information on DMTF operating policies, including the technology adoption process, gaining access to committees, and policies regarding privacy and the distribution of other information.

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4th Amended Bylaws (161k PDF, updated 3/1/2013): DMTF's bylaws define the purpose of the organization, the principal office of the corporation, and members, directors, officers, and conflicts of interest.




Member Rules of Conduct (PDF, updated 11/18/2019): Describes the rules of conduct that govern member behavior with regard to communication, anti-trust, IP, copyright, compliance with laws and ethics.

Privacy Policy (PDF): Outlines the organization’s procedures for collecting personal data, domain information, cookies, security, and disclosure.


Administration and Finance


Financial Process and Procedures (DSP4010) (PDF, updated 08/24/2017): Describes the financial process and procedures used by DMTF for budget preparation, budget approval, approving contracts and statements of work, approving invoices, making payments, adjusting budgets, approving travel and miscellaneous expenses, and the annual audit.

DMTF Notice - Procurement (PDF, updated 09/26/2013): Provides notice and disclaimer regarding procurement documents.

Travel Reimbursement Policy  (DSP4012) (PDF, updated 11/01/2016): Describes DMTF’s policy regarding requests to provide travel expense reimbursement for members who cannot secure funds to support DMTF related travel from their employer or member organization.


Organizational Policies


DMTF Document Retention and Destruction Policy (DSP4017) (PDF, updated 11/01/2016): Describes DMTF’s policy for the retention and destruction of DMTF generated documents.

DMTF Process for Working Bodies (DSP4014) (PDF, updated 01/2024): DSP4014 defines the process governing DMTF documents and working bodies (Committees, Working Groups, Forums and Chapters). The document supersedes DSP4002 Version 2.11.0: Committee, Work Group, Forum and Chapter Process and DSP4004 Version 2.7.0: DMTF Release Process.

Standards Incubation Process (DSP4008) (PDF, updated 11/01/2016): Describes DMTF’s policy for establishing “Standards Incubators” that allow a set of members to develop specifications enabling cross vendor interoperability in an exploratory fashion.

Alliance Partner Work Register Process (DSP4003) (PDF, updated 7/26/2021): Defines how an alliance partner work register is created and the sequence of steps that are required before a work register is approved and the alliance partnership is established. This document also explains the process for updating work registers.


Technology Submissions and Intellectual Property


Process for Technology Submissions, Review, and Acceptance  (DSP4011) (PDF, updated 04/15/2020): Describes the processes by which technology submissions may be considered for adoption in relation to the development or improvement of DMTF technical specifications where the submission is developed exclusively outside the context of DMTF meetings. Replaces former Technology Adoption Policy.

Patent Policy (PDF, updated 10/17/2001): Provides instructions and rules dictating submissions to DMTF for patent consideration.

Members' Software Submission Policy (PDF, updated 4/18/2024): The policy for source code submission and the publication of source code.


Standards Development


Standard Messages Development and Publication Process (DSP4006) (PDF, updated 6/8/2006): Defines the process for creating and publishing standard messages in the form of a message registry so that multiple standard messages are not defined for the same condition.

Process for Publishing XML schema, XML documents and XSLT Stylesheets Publishing Process (DSP4009) (PDF, updated 8/27/2010 ): Describes the process DMTF follows when publishing XML schema definitions, XML instance documents and XSLT stylesheets. The document also defines the format for URIs of XML namespaces used by published XML schema definitions and XML instance documents, and the publication location for these documents..


Press Release and Logo Usage Policy


Policy for Developing DMTF Press Releases, Digital Media, and Supporting Third-Party Marketing and PR Efforts (DSP4013) (PDF, updated 2/25/2022): Outlines DMTF policy regarding press releases, digital media, joint press releases, supporting quotes, and third-party marketing; what may be requested, requirements, and the approval process for each.

DMTF Logo Usage Guidelines and Graphic Standards (DSP4015) (PDF, updated 12/12/2019): This document outlines the DMTF Logo Usage Guidelines and Graphic Standards. The intent of these guidelines and standards is to ensure consistency in the use and reproduction of all DMTF logos. You can download the zip file of the official DMTF logos here and the zip file of the official Redfish logos here.