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  • Jeff Autor, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Mike Raineri, Dell Technologies

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The Redfish Forum, formerly known as the Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF), is responsible for the DMTF’s Redfish®. A standard, Redfish is designed to deliver simple and secure management for converged, hybrid IT and the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Both human readable and machine capable, Redfish leverages common Internet and web services standards to expose information directly to the modern tool chain.

The Redfish Forum also maintains the Redfish Developer Hub, a one-stop, in-depth technical resource – by developers, for developers – designed to provide all the files, tools, community support, tutorials and other advanced education developers need to use Redfish.

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Upcoming Forum Deliverables

DMTF Standard
Publication Identifier
Document TitleTarget VersionTarget Release Date
 DSP0266 Redfish Specification 1.19.0Published


 Redfish Schema (New, Minor, Errata)

 DSP0268 Redfish Data Model Specification 2023.2Published
 DSP0272 Redfish Interoperability Profiles Specification 1.7.0Published
 DSP8011 Redfish Standard Registries 2023.2Published

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DMTF Specifications

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP0288 1.1.0 CXL to Redfish Mapping Specification 17 Jan 2024 Standard View
DSP0285 1.1.0 RedPath Specification 22 May 2023 Standard View
DSP0272 1.7.0 Redfish Interoperability Profiles Specification 17 Jan 2024 Standard View
DSP0270 1.3.1 Redfish Host Interface Specification 21 Sep 2023 Stanard View
DSP0268 2023.3 Redfish Data Model Specification 17 Jan 2024 Standard View
DSP0266 1.9.1 Redfish Specification 15 Apr 2020 Standard View

Work in Progress Documents

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP-IS0005 1.0.0WIP95 Redfish DCIM Bundle 28 Feb 2023 Work-in-Progress View
DSP-IS0004 0.9c Redfish Ethernet Switch Proposal Bundle (YANG) 26 Oct 2020 Work-in-Progress View
DSP0271 0.5.6 YANG to Redfish Mapping Specification 13 Oct 2016 Work-In-Progress View

White Papers and Technical Notes

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
Tech Note 2018.2 Redfish Tech Note - Simple and Secure Management for Converged, Hybrid IT 28 Nov 2018 Informational View
DSP2068 1.0.0 Redfish Conformance and Test Tools White Paper 2 Feb 2024 Informational View
DSP2066 1.0.0 Redfish Fabrics White Paper 24 May 2022 Informational View
DSP2065 2023.3 Redfish Message Registry Guide 17 Jan 2024 Informational View
DSP2064 1.0.0 Redfish for Thermal Equipment 22 May 2023 Informational View
DSP2063 1.0.0 Redfish SmartNIC White Paper 31 Dec 2021 Informational View
DSP2062 1.0.1 Redfish Firmware Update White Paper 21 Sep 2022 Informational View
DSP2060 1.0.0 Redfish User Guide 21 Sep 2022 Informational View
DSP2059 1.1.0 Redfish Certificate Management White Paper 31 Dec 2021 Informational View
DSP2056 1.0.0 Redfish for Power Distribution Equipment White Paper 21 Feb 2020 Informational View
DSP2055 1.0.0 Quick Start for Authoring Redfish Schema 6 Aug 2019 Informational View
DSP2053 2023.3 Redfish Property Guide 17 Jan 2024 Informational View
DSP2052 1.0.0 Redfish and OData White Paper 5 Apr 2018 Informational View
DSP2051 1.0.1 Redfish Telemetry White Paper 21 Sep 2022 Informational View
DSP2050 1.3.0 Redfish Composability White Paper 31 Oct 2023 Informational View
DSP2048 0.1.0 Redfish Baseline Switch Model 7 Mar 2017 Informational View
DSP2047 0.1.0 Redfish for Networking White Paper 3 Mar 2017 Informational View
DSP2046 2023.3 Redfish Resource and Schema Guide 17 Jan 2024 Informational View
DSP2045 1.0.0 Redfish Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) 4 Aug 2015 Informational View
DSP2044 1.0.4 Redfish White Paper 4 Sep 2018 Informational View
DSP2043 2023.3 Redfish Mockups Bundle 17 Jan 2024 Informational View
DSP-IS0018 1.0.0 Redfish Conformance Test Suite Guidance 7 Jun 2021 Informational View


DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP8013 2023.3 Redfish Interoperability Profiles Bundle 17 Jan 2024 Standard View
DSP8011 2023.3 Redfish Standard Registries Bundle 17 Jan 2024 Standard View
DSP8010 2023.3 Redfish Schema Bundle 17 Jan 2024 Standard View

Open Source Projects using DMTF SPMF Technologies

DMTF technologies are leveraged in numerous third-party open source projects. If you are aware of any additional projects using DMTF technologies that are not included below, please contact us so we can add them to the list.
Open Source Project Description of Tool
Python Redfish Utility

Hewlett Packard's Redfish Utility is a command line interface that allows you to manage servers that take advantage of Redfish APIs


A Python Redfish library.


RackHD to support not only the legacy protocols such as IPMI, but also new Restful interfaces such as DMTF Redfish.


A Python  library to communicate with Redfish based systems.