Redfish Release 2023.1 Now Available – New Updates!

Posted on Tue, 05/23/2023 - 09:10

DMTF’s Redfish®, Release 2023.1 is now available for public download. Designed to deliver simple and secure management for hybrid IT and the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), the latest release of the Redfish standard includes 28 schema updates and 11 new schemas as well as additional query parameters added to the syntax of the Redpath Specification.

The key highlights of the Redfish 2023.1 release are support for Cooling Distribution Units and CoolingLoops, including critical subsystems such as LeakDetectors, Pumps, Reservoirs, and Filters. Also included are enhancements to the Drive and Storage models with new DriveMetrics and StorageControllerMetrics resources and StorageController actions. Other additions include new standard message registries to define messages for common events or errors related to Platform, Power, and Environmental conditions.

These latest enhancements are driven by the growth of Redfish and interoperability feedback received from implementers. Some of the items in the new Redfish 2023.1 update include:

  • Redfish Specification v1.18.0 Adds URI segment annotation clause to allow schemas to describe URIs that do not match applicable naming rules
  • Redfish Specification v1.17.1 – Errata release. Improved M-SEARCH example response; updated authentication requirements to state that services can optionally reject requests to unauthenticated resources if the provided credentials are invalid; updated Action responses to provide guidance for finding the schema definition of the action response; and updated Response headers to make Access-Control-Allow-Origin an optional response header.
  • Redpath Specification v1.1.0
    • NEW - Additional query parameters added to the syntax
  • 2023.1 Redfish Schema Bundle – This .zip file contains the current versions of all Redfish schemas. The bundle includes 11 new schemas and 28 schema updates and developer resources.
    • NEW - Redfish for Cooling Distribution Units includes ThermalEquipment, CoolingUnit, CoolingLoop, CoolantConnector, Filter, Pump, Reservoir, LeakDetection, LeakDetector schemas
    • NEW – Drive and Storage Controller Updates includes DriveMetrics and StorageControllerMetrics
    • Added AttachNamespaces, DetachNamespaces, SecuritySend, and SecurityReceive actions to StorageController
    • Added PartLocationContext to Location
  • Redfish Message Registry Bundle 2023.1 – The Message Registry Bundle contains all released Redfish message registries.
    • NEW Environment, Power, and Platform message registries
    • Added TestMessage to ResourceEvent message registry
  • Redfish for Thermal Equipment White Paper – This white paper describes the new Redfish data model support for thermal management equipment, including cooling distribution units (CDUs), heat exchangers, and immersion cooling units.
  • Redfish Release 2023.1 Overview – This presentation provides detailed descriptions of each revision in Redfish 2023.1.
  • Redfish Resource and Schema Guide – Updated for 2023.1 this human-readable guide to the Redfish Schema is designed to help educate users of Redfish. Application developers and DevOps personnel creating client-side software to communicate with a Redfish service, as well as other consumers of the standard, will benefit from the explanations in this resource.  Includes example payloads for each resource type.
  • Redfish Property Guide – Intended primarily for schema authors, this newly reference guide helps with locating existing property definitions within the Redfish schema. Additionally, it helps avoid re-defining property names already in use.
  • Redfish Data Model Specification – Includes normative statements (“LongDescription”) and informative description details from schema in a single document. Intended for both Redfish Service and client-side developers.
  •  Redfish Release History – Updated with each new release, this presentation offers a comprehensive view of each revision to Redfish since 2016.
  • Redfish Conformance Testing Tools – Open source tools for service developers to validate their conformance with the Redfish protocol, data model, and profiles. Tools include the Redfish Protocol Validator, Redfish Service Validator, Redfish Interop Validator.

DMTF’s Redfish Forum would like to invite anyone interested in learning about the Redfish 2023.1 release to join a live webinar, hosted via Zoom, on Thursday, June 15, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. PT. The Forum chairs will present the contents of the release followed by a round table discussion. For questions regarding the webinar, email: Don’t delay, be sure to register today!

To learn more about Redfish, click here. The Redfish Developer Hub is a one-stop, in-depth technical resource and provides all the files, tools, community support, tutorials and other advanced education you may need to help you use Redfish. Technical work on the Redfish standard takes place in DMTF’s Redfish Forum. To find out how you can join and contribute to this standard, click here. To submit input via the DMTF Technology Submission and Feedback Portal click here.