DMI Self-Certification

The DMTF allows member vendors to self-test and certify DMI 2.0-enabled products. The documents and tools necessary for self-certification testing are listed below. For more information, please review the DMI 2.0 Certification FAQ.

DMI 2.0 Certification FAQ

The DMI 2.0 Certification FAQ answers questions about the self-certification process, and describes how to get your certified products listed on the website. You should review the FAQ page before beginning the certification process.

Read the DMI 2.0 Certification FAQ


DMI 2.0 Conformance Requirements

This document defines baseline requirements for DMI 2.0 Service Providers (SP), Servers, Clients, software applications and operating systems. These requirements are a minimum to claim DMI 2.0 Conformance.

Read the DMI 2.0 Conformance Requirements (PDF)

DMI 2.0 Conformance Test Plan for Managed Systems

This document defines the testing required to ensure compliance for DMI 2.0 managed systems, such as PCs, Servers, Clients, and managed software. Software passing this test plan can claim DMI 2.0 Conformance.

Read the DMI 2.0 Conformance Test Plan (PDF)
Download the list of Required DMI Groups (ZIP)

DMI 2.0 Certification Form
This form acts as proof from the vendor to the Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. that a product has been tested and meets the DMI 2.0 conformance requirements. To obtain certification, you will need to FAX a completed copy of this form to the DMTF (FAX details are on the form itself).

Get the DMI 2.0 Certification Form (PDF) (Members only)

Members can also submit products faster online using the Showcase tools. (Available to users who have been granted "Company Showcase Editor" rights by their company contact. If you need these rights please contact DMTF Administration.)

DMI 2.0 MIF Conformance Checker (COMPCHK2)

The DMI2.0 MIF Conformance Checker (COMPCHK2) is a development tool intended to make it easier and faster to verify that your components conform with standardized groups definitions and development requirements. The supplier of your DMI software (Service Provider and/or component instrumentation) should be able to provide you with a copy.

Historical Documents

DSP # Version Title Date Comments
DSP0131 1.0.0 Exposing ASF Through DMI 14 Jan 2002 Standard
DSP0005 2.0.1 Desktop Management Interface Specification Standard
DSP0003 1.1.0 DMI Conformance Requirements Standard
DSP0002 1.0.0 DMI to SNMP Mapping Standard Standard