DMI Registry of Self-Certified Products

Due to the rapid advancement of DMTF technologies, such as CIM, DMTF defined an end of life  process for its Desktop Management Interface (DMI), which concluded March 31, 2005.

The DMI Self-Certification program continues to operate, however.  The DMI Registry of Self-Certified Products contains information about products and companies participating in the program, and is also known as the DMI Product registry.  After the migration from Higher Logic (Kavi) to Causeway, there is no longer an online Showcase application to submit and display DMI products.  The registry is now a list maintained by DMTF Administration and published periodically to the public Web site.

Only current DMTF members in good standing can showcase their products. Please review the information for the DMI Self-Certification program.  Contact DMTF Administration for details on how to participate and submit your company's DMI product information. 


DMI Registry of Self-Certified Products

View a comprehensive list of all DMI Registry of Self-Certified products submitted by members currently in good standing as of March 25, 2024.

DMI Registry of Self-Certified Products by Company