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Please Note: The DMTF group formerly known as the Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) has been renamed the Redfish Forum.

13 May 15

Join Us for a Free Webinar, “Redfish Overview”

Register now to join us on Wednesday, May 20, for a live webinar, “Redfish Overview.” The DMTF’s Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) is working to create and publish an open industry standard specification called “Redfish” for simple, modern and secure systems management using RESTful methods and JSON formatting.  Join SPMF Co-Chair, Jeff Autor, to learn about Redfish design tenets, protocol and payload, expected deliverables and timeframes.

11 May 15

Lenovo Joins DMTF Board of Directors

The DMTF today announced that Lenovo has been elected to the DMTF Board of Directors. An active DMTF member for the past decade, Lenovo product offerings include a wide range of devices, many of which utilize DMTF standards to provide interoperable management interfaces.

6 May 15

DMTF Releases SPMF's Latest Work In Progress – Redfish Version 0.96

Having adopted the name Redfish for its new API standard, the DMTF’s Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) has recently released Version 0.96 as a Work in Progress. The DMTF invites comment on this newly released Redfish Specification, Schema, and Mockup, version 0.96 – which includes the full feature set that will be available in the 1.0 standard.

28 Apr 15

Join Us for a Free Webinar, “DMTF: Technology Overview”

Register now to join us on Friday, May 15, for a live webinar, “DMTF: Technology Overview.” DMTF technologies focus on manageability standards for everything from cloud and enterprise infrastructures management to platform subsystems and components. These standards are implemented in billions of machines and integrated into day-to-day cloud, enterprise and networking infrastructure management.  Join DMTF Senior VP of Technology, Hemal Shah, for an overview of DMTF standards and how they address management needs representing both software defined and traditional computing and networking environments.

21 Apr 15

DMTF Unveils Re-Vamped Website

The DMTF recently updated key areas of its website to offer visitors easier navigation, an enhanced user experience and new content. As part of this refresh, the website’s home page offers intuitive design improvements, and the organization’s standards and technologies information has been expanded to highlight the latest progress and developments of the DMTF’s Working Groups

15 Apr 15

Call for Papers - DMTF Academic Alliance Workshop on Datacenter and Cloud Management

On November 9, the DMTF will host the Datacenter and Cloud Management 2015 Workshop (DCM2015) showcasing DMTF alliances within the academic community. The eighth annual workshop for academic research covers standards and new technologies focusing on the management of platforms, systems and datacenters.

1 Apr 15

Save the Date! 2015 DMTF Alliance Partner Technical Symposium

DMTF will host its Alliance Partner Technical Symposium (APTS) from July 20-24 in Portland, Oregon. Hosted in partnership with longstanding alliance partner, Storage Networking Industry Alliance (SNIA), the symposium includes meetings focused on technical topics and addresses the technical work of interest of each of DMTF’s alliance partners. APTS is also the perfect venue for DMTF alliance partners to present work of interest to DMTF members. To register or learn more about the event, go to the DMTF website.

18 Mar 15

DSP0232_1.2.0, DASH Implementation Requirements Available

DMTF’s Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware (DASH) Standard version 1.2 is now available. A suite of specifications that takes full advantage of DMTF’s Web Services for Management (WS-Management) specification, DASH delivers standards-based web services management for desktop and mobile client systems.

11 Mar 15

Free Webinar, "SMBIOS 3.0 Release Overview", Now Available On-Demand

n case you missed it, the free webinar, “SMBIOS 3.0 Release Overview” is now available on-demand in the DMTF Learning Center. Find this and all of DMTF’s past live events directly on the DMTF BrightTALK channel

5 Mar 15

Have You Renewed Your Forum Membership?

Calling all Forum members! We are closing in on the end of the fiscal year and it’s time to renew your Forum membership.

DMTF Forums pursue specific works of interest to a subset of DMTF members. Participating in Forums allows member companies to benefit by uniting with other members to share the costs of joint initiatives and together succeed in their stated mission. Forum memberships are granted at the company level, allow an unlimited number of member company representatives to participate in Forum activities, and result in valuable privileges not available to DMTF members at large. Fees and dues are separate from the general DMTF member funds and managed by Forum members based on each Forum’s charter.