DMTF Releases Two Security Standards

DMTF announces the public release of its Security Protocol and Data Model (SPDM) Specification 1.0, as well as the SPDM over MCTP Binding Specification 1.0, as DMTF standards. These specifications – developed by DMTF’s Platform Management Components Intercommunication (PMCI) Security Task Force – incorporate the input of the organization’s Alliance Partners to help align component authentication and integrity objects across the industry.

The SPDM Specification 1.0 provides message exchange, sequence diagrams, message formats, and other relevant semantics for authentication, firmware measurement, and certificate retrieval. Other specifications define the mapping of these messages to different transports and physical media. SPDM enables efficient access to low-level security capabilities and operations.

The SPDM over MCTP Binding Specification 1.0 contains the mapping of SPDM to MCTP message type 5, for usage within a platform management subsystem that uses DMTF’s Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP) for communication between individual components. 

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