Value of Membership

The work of the DMTF is funded through membership dues that are among the most cost effective in the industry, and DMTF continues to be the ideal forum for industry-leading companies to come together – in a collegial and established environment – to collaborate on interoperable management standards.

Through membership in the DMTF, companies gain a valuable return on investment through:

  • Early access and insights into the creation of DMTF specifications, underlying technologies, the architecture and those forging it.
  • The opportunity to impact the industry by participating in the process of defining standards and programs.
  • Reduced development, design and start up costs with access to DMTF’s collaborative development tools, experts and broad knowledge base.
  • Increased visibility through the DMTF’s industry-wide marketing efforts and initiatives.

Learn more about it with our Value of Membership presentation.

With membership companies in multiple countries, DMTF creates and drives the international adoption of its standards, which are nationally and internationally recognized by ANSI and ISO. When your company joins the DMTF, with its well- established IP policies and a streamlined approval process that promotes early adoption, you have the opportunity to contribute to the definition and development of interoperable management standards, supporting implementations that enable the management of diverse technologies including cloud, virtualization, network and infrastructure.

Learn more about the DMTF’s Membership Levels, including the fees and entitlements for each, and if you have any questions about the value of membership in the DMTF, please contact DMTF Administration.