WBEM Web-Based Enterprise Management

Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) is a set of specifications published by DMTF that define how resources modeled using DMTF’s Common Information Model (CIM) can be discovered, accessed and manipulated. WBEM provides the ability for the industry to deliver a well-integrated set of standard-based management tools, facilitating the exchange of data across otherwise disparate technologies and platforms.

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DMTF Specifications

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP0232 1.2.1 DASH Implementation Requirements 21 May 2015 Standard View
DSP0231 1.0.0 CIM Simplified Policy Language (CIM-SPL) 14 Jul 2009 Standard View
DSP0230 1.0.2 WS-CIM Mapping Specification 8 Feb 2010 Standard  View
DSP0227 1.1.0 WS-Management CIM Binding Specification 3 Mar 2010 Standard View
DSP0226 1.1.0 Web Services for Management (WS Management) 3 Mar 2010 Standard View
DSP0223 2.0.0 Generic Operations Specification 6 Mar 2015    View
DSP0216 1.0.0 SM CLP to CIM Common Mapping Specification 23 Apr 2009 Standard View
DSP0215 1.0.0 Server Management Managed Element Specification (SM ME) 23 Apr 2009 Standard View
DSP0214 1.0.2 Server Management Command Line Protocol Specification(SM CLP) 20 Jan 2006 Standard View
DSP0212 1.0.1 Filter Query Language 22 Aug 2013 Standard View
DSP0211 1.0.1 CIM-RS Payload Representation on JSON 11 Feb 2014 Standard View
DSP0210 1.0.1 CIM-RS Protocol 11 Feb 2014 Standard View
DSP0207 1.0.1 WBEM URI Mapping 23 Oct 2013 Standard View
DSP0206 2.0.1 WBEM SLP Template 28 Jan 2014 Standard View
DSP0205 1.0.1 WBEM Discovery Using the Service Location Protocol 16 Jan 2014 Standard View
DSP0203 2.4.0 DTD for Representation of CIM in XML 28 Jan 2014 Standard View
DSP0202 1.0.0 CIM Query Language Specification 13 Aug 2007 Standard View
DSP0201 2.4.0 Representation of CIM in XML 16 Jan 2014 Standard View
DSP0200 1.4.0 CIM Operations over HTTP 26 Aug 2013 Standard View
DSP0198 1.0.0 WBEM Glossary 28 Aug 2014 Standard View

DMTF Profiles

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP1092 1.0.0 WBEM Server Profile 21 Oct 2013 Standard View
DSP1001 1.1.1 Management Profile Specification Usage Guide 11 Feb 2014 Standard View


DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP8044 2.4.0 XSD for Representation of CIM in XML 16 Jan 2014 Standard View
DSP8020 1.1.0 Metric Registry XML Schema Specification 28 Sep 2010 Standard View
DSP8016 2.0.0 WBEM Operations Message Registry 17 Mar 2015 Standard View
DSP0228 1.2.0 Message Registry XML Schema 16 Dec 2011 Standard View

Open Source Projects using DMTF WBEM Technologies

DMTF technologies are leveraged in numerous third-party open source projects. If you are aware of any additional projects using DMTF technologies that are not included below, please contact us so we can add them to the list.
Open Source Project Description of Tool

This WBEM Services component listens for WBEM client requests for CIM operations. Requests on CIM class definitions are handled directly by the CIMOM.

Java WBEM Services

The WBEM Services project is an effort to develop an open-source Java™ implementation of Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) suitable for commercial and non-commercial application.

Open Linux Management Infrastructure (OpenLMI)

An open source project developing system management tools for Linux systems. The goal of the OpenLMI project is to develop a comprehensive set of tools to configure, manage and monitor remote servers, and to build a vibrant community of users and developers. We welcome new users and contributors.


The main goal of OpenDRIM is to develop "Distributed Resources Information Management" technologies and development environment based on CIM/WBEM standards of DMTF.


OpenPegasus™ is an open-source implementation of the DMTF CIM and WBEM standards. It is designed to be portable and highly modular.