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Please Note: The DMTF group formerly known as the Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) has been renamed the Redfish Forum.

12 Nov 20

Congratulations to DMTF’s 2020 Super Star Award Recipient

DMTF is pleased to recognize Patrick Caporale (Lenovo) as the 2020 Super Star Award recipient – DMTF’s equivalent of a lifetime achievement award.

10 Nov 20

DMTF Announces 2020 Star Award Recipients

Each year, the DMTF Star Awards program recognizes members who have demonstrated great value to the organization through the dedication of their time and efforts to advance DMTF standards and initiatives. 

5 Nov 20

DMTF Standards Represented at OCP Tech Week

Continuing its commitment to industry outreach and education, DMTF standards will be represented during the upcoming Open Compute Project Tech Week, November 9-10 & 12-13, 2020. Presentations highlighting DMTF standards include (all times listed are Pacific time zone):

Tuesday, November 10:

27 Oct 20

DMTF Releases CIM 2.54

DMTF recently published the latest release of the Common Information Model (CIM) Schema, version 2.54. The fifty-fourth update to the Common Information Model (CIM) since the launch of 2.0, this widely used standard provides a common definition of management information for systems, networks, applications and services. 

15 Oct 20

New Educational Materials for SPDM Available Now

DMTF’s Platform Management Components Intercommunications (PMCI) Working Group recently developed two new pieces of educational material -- a white paper, “Security Protocol and Data Model (SPDM) Architecture White Paper” and a presentation focused on, “Platform Security: Infrastructure Protection with DMTF's Security Protocol & Data Model (SPDM).”

21 Sep 20

Redfish Release 2020.3 Now Available Featuring Support for NVMe-over-Fabrics™ and More

DMTF’s Redfish®, Release 2020.3, is now available for public download. Designed to deliver simple and secure management for hybrid IT and the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), the latest release of the Redfish standard includes 2 new schemas, 37 schema updates, and additional developer resources.

10 Sep 20

DMTF alliance partner, SNIA, invites you to participate in its virtual Storage Developer Conference

DMTF alliance partner, SNIA, invites you to participate in its Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2020. Taking place virtually September 22-23, 2020, SDC brings the storage developer community together to collaborate and network with peers through the sharing of ideas, industry developments and best practices.

SDC 2020 Agenda

1 Sep 20

DMTF Releases SMBIOS 3.4

DMTF has released Version 3.4 of the System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) Reference Specification, the premier standard for delivering management information via system firmware. Since its first release in 1995, the widely implemented SMBIOS standard has simplified the management of more than two billion client and server systems. 

25 Aug 20

DMTF Announces Redfish® Interoperability Lab to Drive Industry Collaboration

DMTF today announced its Redfish® Interoperability Lab, hosted at the SNIA Technology Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Redfish Interoperability Lab allows Forum members to submit equipment to be made available for interoperability testing.

20 Aug 20

DMTF Releases Latest Version of Security Standard

DMTF announces the public release of its Security Protocol and Data Model (SPDM) Specification 1.1.0, is now available for download.