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Please Note: The DMTF group formerly known as the Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) has been renamed the Redfish Forum.

8 Sep 21

DMTF Releases Security Specification Work in Progress and Seeks Industry Feedback

DMTF announces the public release of its Security Protocol and Data Model (SPDM) Specification 1.2.0WIP.89, is now available for download as a Work in Progress (WIP).

31 Aug 21

DMTF and Trusted Computing Group Establish Work Register

As part of DMTF’s Alliance Partner program, the organization and the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) have agreed to a new work register, which outlines areas of technical collaboration between the two organizations. 

26 Aug 21

ICYMI -- DMTF Shares Wide-Spread Industry Support for Its Standards

DMTF recently announced that its Platform Level Data Model (PLDM) specifications have garnered industry-wide support and are actively helping to solve end-user concerns in a common, standardized way. DMTF’s Platform Management Communications Infrastructure (PMCI) Working Group defines specifications that address customer needs through a simple standardized way.

19 Aug 21

DMTF Supports MIPI DevCon 2021

DMTF alliance partner, MIPI Alliance, will virtually host MIPI DevCon September 28-29, 2021, where attendees will join system architects, engineers, designers, and business and marketing executives for conference presentations, networking, and demos of the latest solutions for mobile, 5G, I3C, IoT and automotive.

17 Aug 21

DMTF Alliance Program Unifying Management Initiatives

DMTF values working with affiliated industry organizations, and its Alliance Partner program is a way for the organization to formalize synergistic relationships with other standards groups. DMTF has recently worked on several standards that will help unify management initiatives across several industries. By utilizing the knowledge and expertise of each group, DMTF delivers standards work in a rapid timeframe. 

12 Aug 21

SDC 2021 – Don’t miss the early bird registration for $95*

DMTF alliance partner, SNIA, will once again host its Storage Developer Conference (SDC) -- taking place virtually on September 28-29, 2021. SDC brings the storage developer community together to collaborate and network with peers through the sharing of ideas, industry developments and best practices.

Register for SDC 2021 now for $95*

SDC 2021 Agenda

15 Jul 21

Need a DMTF logo for your marketing materials?

Updating your Company’s marketing materials and would like to include a DMTF logo? We've got you covered! It’s as easy as emailing for DMTF and/or Redfish logo files along with the most current DMTF Logo Usage Guidelines and Graphic Standards. Or you can download all of it directly here.

Reach out to for assistance!

24 Jun 21

DMTF and OpenFabrics Alliance Establish Work Register

As part of DMTF's Alliance Partner program, the organization and the OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) have agreed to a new work register, which outlines areas of technical collaboration between the two organizations. 

2 Jun 21

New Redfish Firmware Update White Paper Now Available

Are you looking to learn more about DMTF’s Redfish®? The Redfish Forum has created a new educational paper, Redfish Firmware Update White Paper, to help implementers and clients understand the Redfish Firmware Update data model and how it is used to update firmware images on a system.

25 May 21

Did you miss the Redfish 2021.1 webinar? Now available on-demand!

DMTF’s Redfish Forum held a live webinar on Monday, May 24th. Presented by the chairs of the Redfish Forum and hosted on Zoom, this webinar covered the contents of the 2021.1 release. Redfish extended the composability model to add multi-client support. Resource blocks can now be allocated to free pools or active pools so a client can easily understand their resource usage. A new Compose action was also added to allow clients to provide a manifest of operations that describe a desired outcome.