New Redfish Tutorial Highlighting Conformance Testing with Redfish

Posted on Thu, 05/30/2024 - 09:48

DMTF’s popular “Redfish® School” YouTube series is back with a new video. In the latest mini-tutorial video, viewers will be introduced to Conformance Testing with Redfish.

The organization provides conformance tools to verify Redfish services are conformant with DMTF specifications in addition to third-party requirements defined in Redfish profiles. This video will show how to install and run the Redfish Protocol Validator, the Redfish Service Validator, and the Redfish Interop Validator. It also provides links to GitHub projects.

All “Redfish School” mini-tutorials and videos can be viewed on the Redfish webinars page on the Redfish Developer Hub. In addition, the full library of DMTF videos is available on the Webinars page in the DMTF website’s Education section.

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