CIMRS CIM-RS Working Group


Working Group Description

RESTful web services enable simple and efficient systems management. CIM-RS is a standard, model agnostic, RESTful protocol that can be used to provide full access to any implementation that can be expressed as a CIM metamodel conformant model.

Get Involved

Work on CIM-RS takes place in the DMTF’s Architecture Working Group. DMTF members are encouraged to contribute and access the work of the Architecture Working Group via its private, members-only workspaceNon-members, learn more and join the DMTF to participate. 


Upcoming Workgroup Deliverables

DMTF Standard Publication Identifier Document Title Target Version Target Release Date
DSP0210 CIM-RS Protocol 2.0.0 Published


DMTF Specifications

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP0211 2.0.0 CIM-RS Payload Representation in JSON 10 Mar 2015 Standard View
DSP0210 2.0.0 CIM-RS Protocol Specification 10 Mar 2015 Standard View

White Papers and Technical Notes

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP2032 2.0.0 CIM-RS White Paper 20 Feb 2015 Informational View