New Redfish Educational Resources Now Available

Are you looking to learn more about DMTF’s Redfish® API, and its most recent version, 2017.1? The organization’s Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) – the group responsible for the Redfish standard – has created a number of new educational materials, now available for public viewing and download. 

The latest resources include:

  • Redfish 2017 Release 1 Overview – This high-level presentation outlines what’s new in Redfish 2017.1.
  • Redfish White Paper – Now updated for 2017.1, the Redfish White Paper has been revised to include the latest information.
  • Composable System White Paper - This document helps implementers and clients understand the new Redfish Composability data model, as well as how composition requests are expected to be formed.
  • Composability Mockups – Redfish Mockups allow developers to interactively explore sample Redfish implementations. In these latest mockups, click through and navigate the data model to see first-hand how Redfish composability works.
  • Redfish Resource and Schema Guide – Currently available for review as a Work in Progress, this brand-new reference offers in-depth education for application developers who want to create client-side software to communicate with a Redfish service, as well as other consumers of the API. It features an introduction to Redfish Schema and explains how to use it (including descriptions of common properties), and provides a human-readable version of the schema that is programmatically generated.

These new items are in addition to a large collection of Redfish resources already available. To learn more about Redfish click here or - for developers – visit the Redfish Developer Hub, a one-stop, in-depth technical resource with all the files, tools, community support and education needed to help you use Redfish.