DMTF Helps Enable Multi-Vendor Data Center Management with New Redfish 1.0 Standard

PORTLAND, Ore. – August 4, 2015DMTF today announced the release of Redfish 1.0, a standard for data center and systems management that delivers improved performance, functionality, scalability and security. Designed to meet the expectations of end users for simple and interoperable management of modern scalable platform hardware, Redfish takes advantage of widely-used technologies to speed implementation and help system administrators be more effective.

In today’s cloud- and web-based data center infrastructures, scalability is often achieved through large quantities of simple servers. This usage model is drastically different than that of traditional enterprise platforms, and requires a new approach to management. As an open industry standard that meets scalability requirements in multi-vendor deployments, Redfish integrates easily with commonly-used tools by specifying a RESTful interface and utilizing JSON and OData.

“DMTF’s Redfish is a groundbreaking standard because it is based on the tools and scripting environments most users already have,” said Jeff Hilland, president, DMTF. “Enabling feature-rich remote management while being compatible with the existing tool set, Redfish was built from the ground up to scale to the modern multiple server environments encountered in today’s enterprise, hyper-scale and cloud infrastructures.”

Redfish is developed by the DMTF’s Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF), which is led by Broadcom, Dell, Emerson, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Supermicro and VMware with additional support from AMI, Oracle, Fujitsu, Huawei, Mellanox and Seagate. The release of the Redfish 1.0 standard by the DMTF today demonstrates the broad industry support of the full organization.

Company Support for Redfish

“Broadcom has been a leader in providing standards-based and open server manageability solutions for the industry for over a decade.  Redfish 1.0, as an open industry standard, will enable management of multi-vendor mega-datacenter server environments using modern technologies familiar to system administrators”, said Dan Harding, Broadcom Vice President, Compute and Connectivity Group. “We are excited about the launch of Redfish 1.0 and will continue to provide leadership in the DMTF Scalable Platforms Management Forum as this Redfish standard evolves.”

“Dell has always been a strong supporter of open management standards, so it is with great pride that we have worked with others in the industry to develop Redfish,” said Gerry Hackett, vice president of server software engineering, Dell. “We will be including this technology in Dell’s iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller product to give customers a simple, secure and standardized way to manage their Dell PowerEdge servers in scale-out applications.”

"Emerson Network Power has been a believer in Redfish from its conception. We look forward to working with our customers and partners in creating a thriving Redfish enabled data center ecosystem,” said Patrick Quirk, vice president and general manager, converged systems, Emerson Network Power. “Emerson will do its part to ensure rapid adoption by implementing Redfish across our data center and server management product portfolio.”

“As a founding member of the Redfish specification, HP is committed to this industry-standard, light-weight, secure and REST-based management solution, which will help improve data center performance, functionality, scalability and security," said Scott Farrand, vice president, Platform Software, HP Servers.  “HP ProLiant Gen9 servers with embedded RESTful APIs have proof of these capabilities that enable faster setup, monitoring and firmware maintenance, and we look forward to having these systems be Redfish compliant in the future.”

"Management standards, like Redfish in the DMTF SPMF, play a crucial role in enabling next generation infrastructure such as Intel® Rack Scale Architecture (RSA)," said Jason Waxman, Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud Platforms Group, Intel Corporation. “Intel is proud to collaborate with industry partners to drive Redfish into an open standard and broadly enable both hardware as well as software vendors to simplify server management and deliver a secure, scale-out data center solution.”

“Lenovo is excited to join DMTF’s Scalable Platforms Management Forum to provide leadership in modernizing data center management,” said Gregory Pruett, executive distinguished engineer and chief system software architect, Lenovo Enterprise Business Group. “Lenovo is committed to simplifying platform management through open standards so customers can deliver infrastructure faster while meeting security and scalability demands.”

“As one of the largest cloud providers, Microsoft deeply understands the need for uniform, simple, scalable, secure infrastructure management. We are pleased SPMF avoided the ‘yet another REST API’ approach and did the hard work to come up with an architecture grounded in real needs to manage what we have today and lay the groundwork to manage what will come. We are actively coding support for Redfish,” said Jeffrey Snover, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Corporation.

“Supermicro is excited to join the DMTF to help drive the definition of Redfish standards, which will simplify and modernize the interface for scalable Data Center Infrastructure Management,” said Tau Leng, VP/GM of HPC at Supermicro. “With Supermicro’s expertise in system management for hyper-scale Data Center and Cloud infrastructure, we can contribute our knowledge to deliver Redfish standards based solutions across the industry. Together we will shape the technology landscape for the benefit of the expanding global computing community.”

“VMware is pleased to join DMTF’s Scalable Platforms Management Forum to provide leadership to create open and interoperable data center management,” said Winston Bumpus, senior director of Standards Architecture, VMware. “VMware is committed to working with the industry in developing and supporting the critical standards that will better enable the Software Defined Data Center.”

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