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Thank you for your interest in DMTF Membership! The DMTF is a collaborative effort between key technology vendors, end user consumers of technology, and affiliated standards groups for the development, adoption, and interoperability of management standards and initiatives for enterprise and Internet environments.

DMTF offers opportunities for technology vendors, government organizations and end users to join and participate. Those new to DMTF can visit Steps to Become a Member for more information.

Learn more about membership by viewing the BrightTALK webinar, "The Benefits of DMTF Memebership", with DMTF President, Jeff Hilland in the DMTF Learning Center. For the Value of Membership at a glance, click here

New Membership Vs. Individual Access

  • Is your company looking to join the DMTF? Then read about Steps to Become a Member.
  • Is your company already a member, and you are looking for Web Site access, information on how to use your membership, or have forgotten your password? In that case, read about Member Access.

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DMTF Forums pursue work of interest to a subset of DMTF members. Membership in the DMTF does not automatically grant membership in a Forum, however, a member of a Forum must also be a member of the DMTF.  Click on one of the below links to find out more information on involvement in a specific forum.