Understand Redfish Composability with New Video Tutorial

A new installment of the DMTF’s popular “Redfish® School” YouTube series is now available, with the latest video addressing composability in Redfish. A standard API designed to meet customer demands for simple and secure management in modern Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) environments, support for composable infrastructures was added in Redfish version 2017.1.

This new mini-tutorial video explains the Redfish Composability Model, which allows a user to compose systems using different sets of components without having to touch any hardware. Composability - in the context of disaggregated hardware - means components are treated independently and are not bound to a singular system. Compute, network, storage, and offload components are individual resources, and software is used to bind components together to create a logical system based on the user’s needs for their application. These logical systems function just like traditional industry standard rackmount systems.

In addition to the video, the DMTF offers additional resources on Redfish composability, including the Composable System White Paper and the Composability Mockup, which allows developers to interactively click through and navigate the data model to see first-hand how Redfish composability works.

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