Special CDM Forum Dues Promotion

DMTF’s CDM Forum, the DMTF group dedicated to uniting the computer industry on a single interoperable interface for all system diagnostics, has some exciting opportunities for companies interested in joining the forum. The CDM Forum is offering a limited-time, special dues promotion that expires December 31, 2010. There are also several activities and promotions that CDM Forum members can take advantage of at the upcoming Management Development Conference on November 15-19, 2010 in Santa Clara, Calif.

 Special CDM Forum Dues Promotion

  • Option One:  20% off the existing pro-rated dues for the remainder of this fiscal year,
  • Option Two:  40% off the existing pro-rated dues for the remainder of this fiscal year for new members who complete certification of a CDM-conforming product  by Oct 29
  • Option Three: New members who pre-pay 2011 dues by Oct 29 will receive membership for the remainder of this fiscal year without any additional cost.  (As the CDM fiscal year begins April 1, this means about five months of free dues.)

In addition, new CDM Forum members will receive:

  • Two Free passes for each new member company to MDC in November
  • Ability to participate in CDM demonstrations  at MDC

NOTE:  To quality for these offers, all payments (including PO’s) must be received by December 31, 2010.

CDM Forum at the Management Developers Conference (MDC)

We hope all DMTF members and companies interested in CDM will join us at MDC. CDM Forum sessions for Tuesday November 16 will include:

  • Interoperability demonstrations from Dell, HP and IBM
  • CDM Forum Overview
  • CDM Conformance Program Overview
  • Introduction to CDM Commodity Profiles
  • CDM Commodity Profiles - Advanced
  • CDM BOF session

For more information on the Management Developer’s Conference (MDC), click here.