New Redfish® Open Source Software on GitHub

Continuing its open approach to the development of the Redfish® standard, DMTF has released new open source tools for testing, validation and other areas on its  public GitHub repository.

With ongoing active participation in this collaborative community environment, DMTF invites review and open source contributions from the industry on its latest additions:

  • YANG-to-Redfish converter  converts a YANG model into a set of Redfish CSDL files, enabling Ethernet switching standard access via Redfish.  The conversion is done in accordance with the DMTF’s YANG-to-Redfish Mapping Specification.

    Mapping YANG models into Redfish models (OData, CSDL) extends Redfish into managing the network device domain.  This tool performs the mapping programmatically and works on a small set of YANG models. Public access to this tool will enable the networking industry to map other YANG models into Redfish models. 
  • libRedfish is a C client library that allows for Creation of Entities (POST), Read of Entities (GET), Update of Entities (PATCH), Deletion of Entities (DELETE), running Actions (POST), receiving events, and some basic query abilities.
  • Redfish Event Listener tool is a lightweight HTTPS server that can be executed to read and record events from a Redfish API Service after it issues an event subscription to the Redfish API Service. The tool can also subscribe to multiple services. The tool is developed using Python 3.4.
  • Redfish-JsonSchema-ResponseValidator  is a Python3 utility used to validate any JSON resource against DMTF provided JSON schemas.

To learn more about Redfish, see or - for developers – visit the Redfish Developer Hub, a one-stop, in-depth technical resource with all the files, tools, community support and education needed to help you use Redfish.