Join the New DMTF Scalable Platforms Management Forum

The DMTF’s new Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) is working on an open industry standard specification and schema that will enable simple, modern and secure management of scale-out platform hardware for cloud and web-based infrastructures.

Scalability in today’s data center is increasingly achieved with horizontal, scale-out solutions, which often include large quantities of simple servers. The usage model of scale-out hardware is drastically different than that of traditional enterprise platforms, and requires a new approach to management.

SPMF is creating a standard to address the needs of IT professionals drawing from experience gained in widely-used protocols, such as REST, and constructs such as JSON and/or OData. This standard should enable customers to integrate SPMF solutions within their existing tool chains.  

Broadcom, Dell, Emerson Network Power, HP, Intel and Microsoft have voiced their support for SPMF, with additional companies continuing to join the effort.

View the full announcement, and learn more about SPMF. Those interested in supporting and joining DMTF’s efforts to identify and create standards can find out how at