ICYMI - What’s Ahead for 2023

Posted on Thu, 02/23/2023 - 10:09

The accomplishments of the organization over the course of 2022 show that DMTF continues to play an important part in the industry. 2023 will present new opportunities for exciting work for us. This year will be another banner year of initiatives and goals set by our dedicated members and partners. The organization will continue its mission of creating meaningful standards that address industry needs and solve challenges for the customers and end users.

Here’s a snapshot of where we’re going and how your company can get involved.

The Redfish standard will continue to advance under the guidance of the Redfish Forum.

Work on Redfish will focus on extending the Redfish data model to include virtual machine, OS, and application status reporting; support for management of cooling devices, such as rack CDUs; and support for additional power distribution equipment, including backup power systems and UPS devices. We will also work to create standardized message registries for common management topics, such as platform events, power events, and environmental events.

With the release of the CXL device and fabric models, we are also planning for the publication of additional Redfish School videos to educate the community on the topic. We are also planning the release of white papers and Redfish School videos in other subject areas, including basic storage management with Redfish and network interface management.

As we work to broaden the scope of Redfish, as dictated by market needs, we will continue to strengthen our collaboration with our alliance partners. We will accomplish this by promoting the usage of Redfish interoperability profiles as a way for our alliance partners to express Redfish requirements for their equipment. We will also continue to expand the Redfish data model in the areas of NVMe-over-Fabric, CXL, OS software and workloads, and datacenter infrastructure equipment.

Over the next year, the PMCI working group anticipates adding to the suite of specifications they develop, including initial releases for the DMTF FRU Data Model and Schema Specification, Memory Mapped BMC Interface (MMBI), PLDM for File Transfer Specification and MCTP over USB. In addition, PMCI will be focused on continuing their effort with the MCTP 2.0 specification, which will include new features and functions.

SPDM is currently focused on releasing SPDM 1.3 (DSP0274). The Working Group (WG) is taking the necessary time to ensure that they ‘get it right’ as this version is considered by the WG as feature complete and is expecting that the specification will be submitted to the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). As the industry works through SPDM 1.3, the WG will be focused on other priorities such as new bindings for storage and Ethernet as well as authorization. Once the group has completed those bodies of work, it will re-focus its efforts on DSP0274 for consideration and debate of the 1.4 version. Version 1.4 is not expected until well into 2024. The group will remain responsive to errata to existing standards during this time.

Our decades-long commitment to CIM and SMBIOS continues and 2023 will bring new versions of these standards, which remain hallmarks of DMTF’s 30 years of dedication to the industry. DMTF announcements can be found on our news page.

Educational outreach continues to be a top priority for the organization. We plan on creating additional educational materials for our website, the Redfish Developer Hub, and YouTube channel. Attendance at events and industry meetings provides valuable face-to-face opportunities, and we plan to attend events and meetings in person again this year. Be sure to stay up to date on where we’ll be in 2023! Information and educational outreach opportunities can be found here.

Our Alliance Partner Technical Symposium is always a productive event filled with technical sessions and collaborative working group meetings. This annual event is scheduled for the last week of July and will be moving to a new location outside of downtown Portland. We are looking forward to another fantastic event. Stay tuned for additional details!

With a presence in several countries across the globe, DMTF members abroad continue their work on document and specification translations as the organization remains committed to its global standardization effort.

If you missed our recap of the organization's Year-in-Review by President Jeff Hilland you can read it here.

Membership renewals are right around the corner, and we hope to continue our collaboration on this valuable work with you by our side. If your company is not yet a member and you want to learn more, we invite you to consider how the mission of DMTF, and our unique standards work, could benefit both your company and the industry at large. As always, thank you for your ongoing commitment to the work of the organization.



Mike Raineri

DMTF Board Chair