Have You Renewed Your DMTF Membership?

Membership renewal time is upon us! As we conclude the final quarter of our fiscal year, we take stock in work completed in 2015 and continue to build on that work in 2016. Thanks to the committed efforts of our leadership and members, we have seen tremendous growth and accomplishment within the DMTF.

  • The Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF) released the initial Redfish specification, an open industry standard specification and schema leveraging the OData definition of a RESTful interface that meets the expectations of end users for simple, modern and secure management of scalable platform hardware.
  • The Open Software Defined Data Center (OSDDC) Incubator released its white paper, reviewing industry standards for the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) and identifying use cases, definitions, and existing standards gaps, as well as possible architectures for the various implementations of SDDC.
  • Common Information Model (CIM) continued its cadence of releases every four months – releasing CIM 2.45 in January.
  • The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) adopted Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI), representing the continuing trend of the international adoption of DMTF standards. 
  • The Platform Management Components Intercommunication (PMCI) Working Group created updates to Network Controller Sideband Interface (NC-SI) and Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) as well as support for Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP).  
  • SMBIOS 3.0 was released; this new version now extends support for 64-bit architecture systems.
  • The Open Virtualization Format (OVF) specification was updated to leverage synergies with Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) while the Cloud Auditing Data Federation (CADF) created a profile for OpenStack  -- demonstrating our ongoing collaborative work with open source efforts.
  • DMTF welcomed the OpenStack Foundation and the Open Compute Project (OCP) as Alliance Partners -- establishing work registers with each organization.
  •  Finally, the China Chapter announced the launch of its website, which includes translated DMTF content and specification documents. For the first time in the organization’s 20-year history content and documents are now available in Chinese.

For a complete look back at 2015 and a preview of upcoming work within the organization, please see the Year in Review

Learn more about how to get on board with us in 2016 at dmtf.org/join. It is through your collective efforts that we will continue to set the gold standard for management interoperability.

If you have any comments or questions regarding your DMTF membership, such as working group participation voting rights or the associated invoice, please contact Kes Wold at (503) 220.1655 or via email at: admin@dmtf.org

Thank you for your ongoing contributions and support of the DMTF - our success depends on you! Renew your membership today!