Happy Birthday, Redfish!

Marking a major milestone for the standard, DMTF’s Redfish® turned five this month. Redfish, which has seen remarkable success in both industry adoption and implementation in five short years, has amassed the following: 

  • 58 contributors to the Redfish specification
  • Includes 14,000 additions to the standard
  • 75 -100 personnel hours a week participating in the Redfish Forum (equaling approximately 23,000 total hours)
  • Resulting in Redfish implementations shipping in approximately 30 million servers

“Redfish is a standard designed to deliver simple and secure management for converged, hybrid IT, cloud-enabled environments, and the Software Defined Data Center. Designed from its inception to provide interoperable management for converging infrastructures, Redfish takes advantage of commonly used data center technologies, integrating with modern tool chains for simple and secure management in Internet and web services environments,” said Jeff Hilland, DMTF president. “With its cohesive approach to open source tools and software as well as open industry standards, Redfish is at the center of a broad ecosystem of industry collaboration, helping reduce vendor lock-in and increase the productivity of system administrators.”

To learn more about Redfish, click here. The Redfish Developer Hub is a one-stop, in-depth technical resource and provides all the files, tools, community support, tutorials and other advanced education you may need to help you use Redfish. Technical work on the Redfish standard takes place in DMTF’s Redfish Forum. To find out how you can join and contribute to this standard, click here.