Poster Session Presentations

Author Title
Haydn Mearns, John Leaney, Artem Parakhine, Dominique Verchere and John Debenham Comprehensive Cloud Management Via an Open Marketplace
Andreas Textor A CIM-based Ontology for Semantic IT-Management
Wesam Dawoud and Ibrahim Takouna Elastic VM: A Fine-grained Scalability Architecture for Virtualized Environments
Mark Carlson DMTF's Infrastructure Cloud Management Interface
Alejandro Chillarón and Jorge E. López De Vergara Design and implementation of an autonomic management system for virtual machines in a cloud environment
David Fernández, Alejandro Cordero Ordoñez, Jorge Somavilla, Jorge Alejandro Rodriguez, Aitor Corchero, Luis Tarrafeta and Fermin Galan Distributed Virtual Scenarios over Multi-host Linux Environments: Virtual Networks over LinuX (VNX)
Lawrence Lamers DMTF SVPC Work Group
Helmut Hlavacs and Thomas Treutner Predicting Web Service Levels During VM Live Migrations
Hemal Shah and Tom Slaight Platform Management Components Intercommunications: Technology Update
Jeff Hilland SMASH & DASH Overview

Abstracts for the poster session presenters are also available.