Working Group Chairs

  • Kimon Berlin, HP, Inc
  • Sai Chaganty, Intel Corporation

Working Group Description

The DMTF’s System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) Working Group is responsible for the SMBIOS standard, which delivers management information via system firmware.

For OS-present, OS-absent, and pre-OS environments, SMBIOS offers motherboard and system vendors a standard format to present management information about their products. By extending the system firmware interface, SMBIOS can be used with management applications that use the DMTF’s Common Information Model (CIM) or another technology, such as SNMP. It eliminates the need for error-prone operations, such as probing system hardware for presence detection.

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Upcoming Workgroup Deliverables

DMTF Standard Publication IdentifierDocument TitleTarget VersionTarget Release Date
DSP0134SMBIOS Specification3.52021H2


DMTF Specifications

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP0134 3.6.0 System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) Reference Specification 20 Jun 2022 Standard View