Security Security Working Group

Working Group Description

Security is an important consideration in deploying a management solution utilizing the DMTF’s WBEM technologies and management initiatives.

The DMTF’s Security Working Group focuses on the model and related profiles that provide the standard interfaces necessary for the configuration and management of the security aspects of an implementation, including authentication, authorization, and auditing services.

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DMTF Profiles

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP1096 1.0.0 Certificate Management Profile 21 Sep 2011 Standard View
DSP1082 1.0.0 Credential Management Profile 21 Sep 2011 Standard View
DSP1039 1.0.0 Role Based Authorization Profile 31 Oct 2008 Standard View
DSP1034 1.1.0 Simple Identity Management Profile 13 Dec 2012 Standard View