Policy Policy Working Group

Working Group Chair

  • Mark Carlson, DMTF Fellow

Working Group Description

Policy-based management provides an abstraction that enables the definition of system behaviors, independent of implementations. Policies can be used to specify resource management configuration directives and, at a higher abstraction layer, they can be used to specify user experience management directives.

The DMTF’s Policy Working Group continues to develop rule- based mechanisms for highly scalable management of heterogeneous systems. This includes modeling of policy rules using generic event-condition-action classes, as well as evolution of the Common Information Model’s (CIM’s) Policy Model.

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DMTF Specifications

DSP #sort ascending Version Title Date Comments
DSP0231 1.0.0 CIM Simplified Policy Language (CIM-SPL) 16 Jul 2009

.pdf file, DMTF Standard

DMTF Profiles

DSP #sort ascending Version Title Date Comments
DSP1106 1.0.0 Integrated Access and Control Policy Management Profile 21 Sep 2011

.pdf file. DMTF Standard

DSP1003 1.0.0 Policy Profile 12 Feb 2007

.pdf file, DMTF Standard