Policy Policy Working Group

Working Group Chair

  • Mark Carlson, DMTF Fellow

Working Group Description

Policy-based management provides an abstraction that enables the definition of system behaviors, independent of implementations. Policies can be used to specify resource management configuration directives and, at a higher abstraction layer, they can be used to specify user experience management directives.

The DMTF’s Policy Working Group continues to develop rule- based mechanisms for highly scalable management of heterogeneous systems. This includes modeling of policy rules using generic event-condition-action classes, as well as evolution of the Common Information Model’s (CIM’s) Policy Model.

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DMTF Specifications

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP0231 1.0.0 CIM Simplified Policy Language (CIM-SPL) 14 Jul 2009 Standard View

DMTF Profiles

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP1106 1.0.0 Integrated Access and Control Policy Management Profile 21 Sep 2011 Standard View
DSP1003 1.0.0 Policy Profile 12 Feb 2007 Standard View