CMWG Cloud Management Working Group (CMWG)

Working Group Description

The DMTF’s Cloud Management Working Group models the management of cloud services and the operations and attributes of the cloud service lifecycle through its work on the Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI).

The CIMI specification describes the model and protocol for management interactions between a cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider and the consumers of an IaaS service. The basic resources of IaaS (machines, storage, and networks) are modeled to provide consumer management access to an implementation of IaaS and facilitate portability between cloud implementations that support the specification.

By developing a set of prescriptive specifications and sample implementations that deliver architectural semantics and implementation details, the Cloud Management Working Group helps achieve interoperable management of clouds between service requestors/developers and providers. This work is also utilized in the DMTF’s Cloud Management Initiative.

Note: Developers are encouraged to implement based on the work-in-progress version below, as there are significant technical improvements.

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DMTF Specifications

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP0264 1.0.0 CIMI-CIM Specification 14 Dec 2012

.pdf file. DMTF Standard

DSP0263 2.0.0 Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) Model and RESTful HTTP-based Protocol 17 Jul 2016

.pdf file.DMTF Standard


White Papers and Technical Notes

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP2042 1.0.0 Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) Use Cases 26 Feb 2015

.pdf file. DMTF Informational

DSP2027 2.0.0 Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) Primer 4 Aug 2016

.pdf file. DMTF Informational



DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP8009 1.0.2 CIMI XML Schema 24 Feb 2014

.xsd file. DMTF Standard


Historical Documents

DSP # Version Title Date Comments
DSP8009 1.1.0a CIMI XML Schema 17 Feb 2014

.xsd file. DMTF Historical

DSP2041 1.0.0a Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) Extensions 2 Mar 2015

.pdf file. DMTF Historical