CIMXML CIM-XML Working Group

Working Group Chair

  • Jim Davis, WBEM Solutions

Working Group Description

The CIM-XML protocol forms the basis of WBEM Infrastructures. As adoption of WBEM technologies grows and the technology matures, new use cases and requirements for the protocol arise.

Get Involved

Work on CIM-XML takes place in the DMTF’s Architecture Working Group. DMTF members are encouraged to contribute and access the work of the Architecture Working Group via its private, members-only workspaceNon-members, learn more and join the DMTF to participate.


Upcoming Workgroup Deliverables

DMTF Standard Publication Identifier Document Title Target Version Target Release Date
DSP0200 CIM-XML Protocol 2.0.0 2015Q4
DSP8044 XML Schema for Representation of CIM in XML 3.0.0 2015Q4


DMTF Specifications

DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP0203 2.4.0 DTD for Representation of CIM in XML 28 Jan 2014 Standard View
DSP0201 2.4.0 Representation of CIM in XML 16 Jan 2014 Standard View
DSP0200 1.4.0 CIM Operations over HTTP 26 Aug 2013 Standard View


DSP # Version Title Date Comments Versions
DSP8044 2.4.0 XSD for Representation of CIM in XML 16 Jan 2014 Standard View

Open Source Projects using DMTF CIMXML Technologies

DMTF technologies are leveraged in numerous third-party open source projects. If you are aware of any additional projects using DMTF technologies that are not included below, please contact us so we can add them to the list.
Open Source Project Description of Tool
Open Linux Management Infrastructure (OpenLMI)

An open source project developing system management tools for Linux systems. The goal of the OpenLMI project is to develop a comprehensive set of tools to configure, manage and monitor remote servers, and to build a vibrant community of users and developers. We welcome new users and contributors.