New Redfish Update Adds Composability Support

Continuing its aggressive development timeline, an important update to the DMTF’s Redfish® standard is now available. The newly-released version 2017.1 of the Redfish Schema (available for download here) and version 1.2.0 of the Redfish Specification contain a number of additions, including support for composable infrastructures.

With the ultimate goal of addressing all of the components in the data center with a consistent API, Redfish is an open industry standard that helps enable simple, modern and secure management of scalable platform hardware.  DMTF continues to expand Redfish to cover customer use cases and technology, and the new Composition Service provides support for binding resources together into logical constructs.  

For example, disaggregated hardware - which allows for independent components, such as processors, memory, I/O controllers, and drives, to be bound together to create a composed Computer System - becomes a Computer System from an end user perspective in Redfish. Redfish composability allows clients to adjust their hardware configurations in response to their application needs, without having to touch any hardware.

To learn more about Redfish, clickhere or - for developers - visit theRedfish Developer Hub, a one-stop, in-depth technical resource with all the files, tools, community support and education you may need to help you use Redfish. To participate in the development of Redfish, please join the DMTF’s Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF)