DMTF Releases DASH 1.1 Standard

PORTLAND, Ore.--Dec. 5, 2007--The Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF), the industry organization leading the development, adoption and promotion of interoperable management standards and initiatives, today announced the public release of Version 1.1 of its Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware (DASH) standard. Benefits of this updated standard include tightened security and protocol requirements for IT deployments.

DMTF continues to enhance the DASH standard to increase the scope of its functionality and to address growing IT requirements for remote manageability. The DASH 1.1 release includes new support for provisioning, remote remediation, and additional inventory and component management. For example, this release includes the first industry standard for BIOS management, allowing administrators to remotely change BIOS settings in a platform independent fashion. Other new features are outlined online.

"The release of DASH 1.1 widens the scope of the initial standard from simple machine state and inventory, and extends it to allow for more complex features," said Winston Bumpus, DMTF president. "We're excited to introduce this new revision to further the DASH Initiative and to improve the advanced framework for desktop and mobile management."

Driven by the efforts of the DMTF Desktop and Mobile Work Group (DMWG), DASH 1.1 extends the DASH 1.0 standard, which launched in March 2007. The DASH Initiative includes a suite of specifications that takes full advantage of the DMTF Web Services for Management (WS-Management) specification, delivering standards-based Web services management for desktop and mobile client systems. Through the DASH Initiative, DMTF provides the next generation of standards for secure out-of-band and remote management of desktop and mobile systems.

The new DASH 1.1 standard is available for download here. For more information on the DASH Initiative, visit the DMTF Web site at

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