OpenStack Summit

Matt Rutkowski, DMTF CADF co-chair and IBM Senior Engineer, will participate in the session titled "An Overview of Cloud Auditing Support for OpenStack" at the OpenStack Summit. A key feature of any Cloud infrastructure is to provide auditing capabilities for compliance with security, operational and business processes. In this talk we provide an overview of the recent enhancements made in OpenStack projects to support API and security auditing using the DMTF Cloud Auditing Data Federation (CADF) standard. We will describe how auditing is seamlessly enabled for Nova, Glance, Swift, Cinder, Neutron and Keystone and illustrate what is audited, where it is stored, what the records contain and how this supports compliance. We will finish by presenting some possible future directions such as extending the use of CADF beyond audit to facilitate event correlation and federation across multiple tiers.

Monday, May 12, 2014 to Friday, May 16, 2014