BrightTALK Virtualization Summit


Join DMTF President Winston Bumpus as he leads an interactive roundtable discussion on the pressing topic of "Interoperability Challenges for Virtualization Management".


  • Winston Bumpus, DMTF
  • Tony Holland, Dell
  • Shishir Pardikar, Citrix
  • John Parchem, Microsoft
  • Rene Schmidt, VMware

Title:  Virtualization Management Interoperability


This session will look at the needs of customers for interaoperable virtualization management Standards. Virtualization which is an important cloud computing enabling technology, is driving customer requirements for management standards to improve their agility while reducing their TCO. The goal of virtualization management standards is to improve IT consumer agility and define a set of architectural semantics that unify the interoperable management of workloads and resources between enterprises of all sizes and cloud computing infrastructures.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011