BrightTALK Configuration Management Database Summit

September 17, 2009

A Configuration Management Database must be successfully integrated with multiple data sources to track changes and maintain accurate, secure data for business decision making. This summit will shed light into a complicated configuration that, when done right with low cost of adoption and well-integrated data discovery, can effectively manage the IT environment, improve business process, and drive efficiency.

Key Speakers:

  • Mark Johnson, DMTF
  • Alim Ozcam, Best Practice Consulting
  • Atwell Williams, BMC Software
  • Randy Steinberg, Deloitte
  • Marv Waschke, itSMF
  • Robert Cowham, Vizim Worldwide

Watch the recorded webcast!

Title: CMDB Federation: DMTF Standards for Federating Configuration Management Data and MDRs 

Abstract:  Many organizations base IT management on a configuration management system consisting of a configuration management database (CMDB), other management data repositories, and configuration and change management processes to plan and govern changes in the IT environment. Federation technology may be used to balance the need to integrate data from the various data repositories with a need to manage the data in each repository separately.


Thursday, September 17, 2009