BrightTALK Cloud Computing Summit

May 20, 2009

Featured Speakers:

  • Winston Bumpus, DMTF
  • Ed Sullivan, Aria Systems
  • Ward Spangenberg, Cloud Security Alliance
  • Anne Thomas Manes, Burton Group
  • Drue Reeves, Burton Group
  • Jeff Bardin of Treadstone 71

Watch the Recorded Webcast

Title:  The Open Virtualization Format(OVF)  - A Building block for Cloud Interoperability

Abstract:  As virtualization technology continues to be more rapidly adopted, it is emerging as a common enabling foundation for delivering software solutions into IT environments along with the potential to lower IT costs and improve operational efficiencies. While deploying virtualization technologies it is also critical to have comprehensive management capabilities associated with the implementation. Along with the adoption of virtualization, more and more enterprise IT customers are looking at the cloud computing paradigm to better deliver services to their customers.

No specific standards currently exist for enabling interoperability between private clouds within enterprises and hosted or public cloud providers. DMTF's Open Cloud Standards Incubator will focus on addressing these issues by developing cloud resource management protocols, packaging formats and security mechanisms to facilitate interoperability.

This session will discuss the currently launched DMTF Open Cloud Incubator and discuss how the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) will be a key building block for cloud computing interoperability

At this online summit leading technology experts from around the globe will present webcasts sharing best practices, tips, techniques, and strategies for conducting business in the cloud. Learn the basics of cloud computing and cloud architecture, how to use the cloud to optimize energy consumption, and how to deal with modern security risks.  to visit the event website!

For information on DMTF's Open Standards Cloud Incubator work, visit .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009