2021 Virtual APTS Schedule

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Attending Meetings at APTS

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  • DMTF WG meetings are open to any employee of a member company of DMTF.
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  • TC and Board meetings are only open to designated representatives (board members, TC WG/Forum chairs, etc.) and invited guests (these meetings are marked private/closed). An asterisk (*) next to a meeting title means it is a closed/private meeting.


Keynote Presentations

  • Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)

    "Evolving SNIA and Storage Standards to match Shifting Industry Trends"

    The storage landscape is shifting, and with it, manageability challenges. In this presentation, Richelle will cover some of the shifting trends in the storage market and how the SNIA is evolving to track these changes. Learn about how SNIA’s shift to a focus on key pillars of functionality that include manageability, security, and increasing partnerships and alliances with other organizations, including not only the DMTF but other organizations jointly, is helping the organization to adapt.

  • PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturer Group (PICMG)

    "Toward Industry 4.0 – PICMG standardization efforts for Industrial IoT"

    This presentation provides an update of PICMG’s Industrial IoT standardization efforts. PICMG’s efforts leverage DMTF specifications to enable new applications in industrial automation and control.

  • OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA)

    "OpenFabrics Alliance – Mission, Purpose, and Partnerships"

    The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) is driven by its simple mission statement: accelerate the development, support and adoption of next generation fabrics and fabric interfaces for the benefit of the advanced networks ecosystem. The OFA develops, tests, supports and distributes open-source Advanced Network Software – a suite of high-performance APIs and associated software for current and future High-Performance Computing (HPC), cloud, and enterprise data centers. Recently the OFA has expanded its partnership with DMTF, SNIA, and GEN-Z to build on the strengths of multiple organizations for the benefit of the ecosystem; this talk will discuss the mission of the OFA, its current initiatives, and its partnerships with industry associations to advance the state of the ecosystem.
    Phil Cayton (OFA Vice-Chair).


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Time Slot
(Pacific Time)
Meeting SpaceMonday
6:00am to 9:00amMeeting Space 1DMTF CIM Forum
(8-9am PT)
Meeting Space 2DMTF Security TF
(7am PT start time)
 DMTF Platform Mgmt Components WG (PMCI)DMTF Platform Mgmt Components WG (PMCI) 
Meeting Space 3     
9:00am to 12:00pmMeeting Space 1DMTF Board of Directors*DMTF Technical Committee*DMTF Redfish ForumDMTF Redfish Forum 
Meeting Space 2DMTF Security TF DMTF Platform Mgmt Components WG (PMCI)DMTF Platform Mgmt Components WG (PMCI) 
Meeting Space 3     
12:00pm to 12:10pm10 minute break
12:10pm to 1:00pmMeeting Space 1 

Evolving SNIA and Storage Standards to match Shifting Industry Trends

(Richelle Ahlvers, SNIA)

Toward Industry 4.0 – PICMG standardization efforts for Industrial IoT

(Doug Sandy, PICMG)

OpenFabrics Alliance – Mission, Purpose, and Partnerships

(Doug Ledford, OFA)
Meeting Space 2DMTF Security TF 
Meeting Space 3  
1:00pm to 5:00pmMeeting Space 1 DMTF Redfish ForumDMTF Redfish Forum  
Meeting Space 2DMTF Security TF
(2pm PT end time)
Meeting Space 3     

Session Agendas

Some groups may make their agendas available to better coordinate among multiple meetings.