2020 Virtual APTS Schedule

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Attending Meetings at APTS

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Keynote Presentations


  • CXL Consortium Alliance-

    Compute Express Link™ (CXL™) is an industry-supported cache-coherent interconnect for processors, memory expansion, and accelerators.

    Datacenter architectures are evolving to support the workloads of emerging applications in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that require a high-speed, low latency, cache-coherent interconnect. The CXL specification delivers breakthrough performance, while leveraging PCI Express® technology to support rapid adoption. It addresses resource sharing and cache coherency to improve performance, reduce software stack complexity, and lower overall systems costs, allowing users to focus on target workloads.

    Attendees at this presentation will:

    • Learn how CXL supports dynamic multiplexing between a rich set of protocols that includes I/O (CLX.io, based on PCIe®), caching (CXL.cache), and memory (CXL.mem) semantics.
    • Understand how CXL maintains a unified, coherent memory space between the CPU and any memory on the attached CXL device
  • SNIA Alliance-

    Through the SNIA and DMTF Alliance, both organizations have accelerated their standards development. Richelle Ahlvers, SNIA Board of Directors, SNIA to DMTF Alliance Representative, DMTF to SNIA Alliance Rep, and Chair of the Scalable Storage Management TWG that develops the Swordfish Specification (the storage extension to Redfish) will provide an overview of key current SNIA activities. She will provide an overview of the current 3-way work between SNIA, DMTF and the NVM Express to define a Redfish/Swordfish mapping to NVM functionality. Mark Carlson, Kioxia, and Chair of the SNIA Technical Council, will provide additional details of this effort, highlighting the application to NVMe IP-attached drives.

  • The Open Group - Open Process Automation Forum-

    This talk provides an overview of Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) and Open Process Automation Standard (O-PAS) standard and Redfish’s role in the OPAF architecture. It will then cover how OPAF is using and extending Redfish, where we are with the standard, future work including conformance, and opportunities for collaboration between OPAF and DMTF.


Time Slot
(Pacific Time)
Meeting SpaceMonday
6:00am to 9:00amMeeting Space 1  DMTF Security Task Force
Meeting Space 2CIM Forum
(8-9am PT)
Meeting Space 3 DMTF Platform Mgmt Components WG (PMCI)
(8-9am joint with Redfish Forum)
DMTF Platform Mgmt Components WG (PMCI)DMTF Platform Mgmt Components WG (PMCI) 
9:00am to 12:00pmMeeting Space 1DMTF Board of Directors*    
Meeting Space 2 DMTF Technical Committee*DMTF Redfish ForumDMTF Redfish Forum 
Meeting Space 3     
12:00pm to 12:10pm10 minute break
12:10pm to 1:00pmMeeting Space 1 

Compute Express LinkTM (CXLTM): A Coherent Interface for Ultra-High-Speed Transfers

(Kurt Lender, CXL Consortium Alliance)

SNIA Technology Update

(Richelle Ahlvers and Mark Carlson, SNIA)

The Open Group - Open Process Automation Forum

(Craig Griffin, TOG)
Meeting Space 2  
Meeting Space 3  
1:00pm to 5:00pmMeeting Space 1 SMBIOS WG   
Meeting Space 2 DMTF Redfish ForumDMTF Redfish Forum  
Meeting Space 3     

Session Agendas

Some groups may make their agendas available to better coordinate among multiple meetings.