2012 TagVault Software Identification Summit


This year’s summit focuses on software security and software publisher benefits of TagVault.org certified software identification (SWID) tags. Industry experts will provide details on how certified ISO SWID tags are used to improve software assurance processes and mitigate the risks and costs of software ownership. Presenters will also go into detail about how software publishers benefit by including TagVault.org certified SWID tags with their software products.  In this summit, you will learn how:

  • certified SWID tags improve software supply chain management and supply side security.
  • certified tags improve security automation procedures in addition to improving software discovery and compliance accuracy.
  • software consumers use TagVault.org certified SWID tag requirements to improve relationships with software publishers and lower compliance risks.
  • software consumers can build and deploy “retrofit” tags for the software under management in the organization.
  • software publishers can effectively and efficiently add TagVault.org certified SWID tags to their software products.

Keynote speaker for this event is Richard Struse Deputy Director for Software Assurance  U.S. Department of Homeland Security's National Cyber Security Division.  Richard will be presenting how Software ID Tags are an integral part of a standards-based cyber security ecosystem and the need for public-private collaboration to accelerate their adoption and use in both government and the private sector

This summit also provides a forum for software publishers, purchasers and tool providers to discuss security, logistics and compliance problems that are directly attributable to the lack of accurate and authoritative software identification information.  Learn how other organizations lower the risks and costs of IT processes that deal with software.

Download the flyer for more details on the summit!

Due to space restrictions, TagVault.org is working to ensure the attendance to this event includes a good balance of software publishers, tool providers and software purchasers - to sign up for an invitation, please fill in the form here.

Cost: $100 Facilities Fee

Wednesday, May 2, 2012